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Yingzi is a visionary in the world of entertainment and technology.

Metaverse Swapping Recognizes Yingzi as a Leading Contributor to the Metaverse Industry

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Metaverse Swapping is proud to recognize Yingzi, the founder of the Metaverse Summit, as a leading contributor to the Metaverse industry. As a seasoned professional in the entertainment and technology sectors, Yingzi brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table.

Yingzi has a rich background in innovation, working as an innovation strategist at the entertainment holding group Vivendi and later joining Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab. At Ubisoft, Yingzi played a critical role in exploring the impact of new technologies on the entertainment industry and was instrumental in establishing the Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Lab, a leading international incubator for innovative startups.

Yingzi’s impact on the metaverse industry has been recognized through her invitation as a guest speaker at numerous conferences, including VR Days Europe, World XR Forum, Laval Virtual, Siggraph, Indie Game Factory, EthDenver, Polkadot Amsterdam, and Animayo. Her expertise and insights have earned her recognition as a thought leader in the field, with the Women in Web3 Europe Award from Women in Tech being just one of the many accolades she has received.

Metaverse Swapping is honored to recognize Yingzi for her outstanding work and contribution to the metaverse industry. Her passion, expertise, and dedication are an inspiration to all who are committed to building a brighter future for the metaverse and web3 industries.

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