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John Kraski, a Leading Contributor to the Web3 and Metaverse Community

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PressVerse – Metaverse Swapping, a leading metaverse technology and services provider, is proud to recognize and endorse John Kraski as a prominent contributor to the web3 and metaverse community. With 25 years of experience in various industries, John has finally found his dream career in the world of web3.

As the Director of Strategic Partnerships for LandVault (formerly Admix), John is helping the world’s biggest brands enter the metaverse. He has a wealth of experience in bringing NFT projects to market, having worked at NFTG, a Mark Cuban and Ashton Kutcher venture-backed NFT technology platform.

John is also the host of the NFT Heat podcast, where he and his co-host Justin Shenkarow interview top NFT thought leaders and delve into how NFTs will transform the metaverse, DeFi, and social tokens. Whether you are new to the NFT industry or an NFT insider, John and Justin provide valuable NFT insights.

Additionally, John co-founded Good Morning Web3 Live, which brings together top web3 thought leaders worldwide. As the world’s leading metaverse development studio with over 180 employees worldwide and a powerful community of experts, LandVault is the chosen metaverse resource for many of the world’s largest brands.

“We are honored to recognize John Kraski for his dedication and contributions to the web3 and metaverse community,” said Alif Vasaya, Metaverse Swapping. “His passion and expertise in NFTs and the metaverse will continue to shape the future of this industry.”

Good Morning Web3 Live is the go-to source for web3 events and in-person meet-ups with thought leaders from around the globe. Join John and the rest of the metaverse community as they explore the future of this exciting industry.


John Kraski
Director, Strategic Partnerships, LandVault
Co-Founder, Good Morning Web3

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