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Metaverse Swapping is a business development firm that focuses on helping businesses adopt the metaverse for their marketing strategies. We are experts in everything metaverse, but we don’t just know how to use it—we also know how to help you take advantage of it.

We’ll work with you to develop a strategy that allows your brand to stand out in the metaverse marketplace, where users are looking for businesses that are innovative, creative, and willing to try new things. We’ll help you develop a plan that matches your budget and your brand’s personality.

The best part? You don’t have to do any of the heavy liftings! We’ll take care of everything from start to finish so you can focus on creating the best possible experience for your customers.

Metaverse Swapping – WHO we are and WHAT we do!

Metaverse Swapping is an open platform for metaverse, web3, nfts, blockchain, and digital currency. We allow creators, businesses, media, and users to contribute and share their views. (no fees and no guidelines).

Metaverse Swapping is a metaverse and web3 consulting and development firm. (One stop for all your tech needs)

We advise clients to choose the best strategies for metaverse, web3, blockchain, and NFTs.

We also promote and offer media partnerships to businesses and individuals. This includes community management, growth marketing, moderation and business development services. (Digital Marketing Platform)

We also help our clients with IT services, including website development(eCommerce) and hosting services. (SyncTechnolab is our sister compnay)

We are always looking for Tech Partners to help us create projects in Metaverse, Web3, Blockchain, and NFTs (for our clients and us). If you provide any services in the metaverse and web3, do Introduce your company. (Help = Paid Support and Partnership)


Come work with Metaverse Swapping and SyncTechnolab.

We are hiring content writers, business developers, digital marketing experts, web3 developers, and metaverse creators.

1. People-Centric Organization Policy

2. Become a subject matter expert for us in your chosen field and be a brand ambassador.


Metaverse Swapping allows companies to list their products and services/solutions on

We allow creators to contribute and list their upcoming events and project on the Metaverse Swapping platforms for free.

We also list NFT, Metaverse, web3, blockchain, and crypto projects.

We enable metaverse companies to list their services on

Businesses, users, creators, and media companies can contribute posts, and press releases on

Our goal is to connect people and companies and allow them to share their news, and keep audience updated.

We work with creators hand in hand and allow them to publish their resources on the website so that audience can find them easily and learn.


From time to time, we share content related to the metaverse, web3, nft, blockchain, defi, and digital currency, and other content, resources, and education guide on the website to make our users stay updated with the latest trends. (Content on our website can be found on other portals, webpages, and all over the internet, terms and conditions apply!)

If you have a business plan or proposal, please share it with us via email or contact ALIF VASAYA on LinkedIn. We are open to your ideas and a possible partnership.

We are open to business collaboration and partnership.


Drop all your questions at

We manage our content through our subject matter experts, we love them, and they do great wonders. They make our world more accessible, and no thanks are enough to them.

We do more. We do with your support! Let’s connect, collaborate, and build.#blockchain #business #work #education #people #digitalmarketing #linkedin #tech #development #ecommerce #hiring #content #contentwriters #collaboration #events #consulting #media #projects #partnerships #metaverse #nfts #nft #blockchain #cryptocurrency #web3 #technology #AI #Ml #bigdata

A team of visionaries

Alif Vasaya


Avtarit Arora


Ali Aun

Chief Metaverse Officer

Moses Aboh

Chief Community Manager

Akshaya Saravanan

Brand Manager

Rahul Vasaya

Chief Analitics Officer

Joyce Moloney

Chief NFT Officer

Frank Albanese

Head of Technology

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