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As a metaverse enthusiast I began researching the best startups out there & found one I say is “Canva for the metaverse”: no-code, drag/drop, chain agnostic, not reliant on crypto… amazing graphics. I was so blown away I reached out & today am fortunate to have joined Agora World as their Chief Growth Officer — check us out at & hit me up for collab opps.

Metaverse Enthusiast Cory Lopes-Warfield – All-In


San Francisco, CA – Metaverse enthusiast, Cory Lopes-Warfield, has recently joined Agora World as the Chief Growth Officer and Influencio as Interim CEO. With his passion for innovative technologies and background in B2B SaaS, Cory is poised to impact the metaverse and influencer marketing industries significantly.

Cory’s journey to the forefront of the metaverse began with his love for movies like Strange Days and The Truman Show and his fascination with ideas like The Simulated Reality Theory and Quantum Entanglement. He started his first company, a B2B SaaS company, to help make scheduling employees less stressful and eventually took LinkedIn seriously. With his growing following and viral posts, Cory became known as “Coryconnects”, a hashtag that embodies his mission to connect with others in the tech industry.

Cory has also been studying the influencer marketing space and was impressed by the brilliant startup Influencio. He has joined their team as interim CEO and is committed to their success. Influencio has cracked the code on connecting influencers to their fans and companies they align with, and Cory believes they will change the industry.

In his role as Chief Growth Officer at Agora World, Cory is working on world- and life-changing web3 tech that will soon be revealed. Agora World is a startup that Cory describes as “Canva for the metaverse”, with no-code, drag/drop, chain agnostic graphics that are amazing.

Cory is also coaching individuals on achieving a 6-figure following and millions of views on LinkedIn, with incredible results. He loves animals, nature, music, wine, and meditation and derives strength from his travels.

Cory emphasizes that he is not a financial advisor and his content is not financial advice. He encourages others to always do their research before making any decisions.

About Agora World Agora World is a no-code, drag/drop, chain agnostic startup changing the metaverse industry game. They offer amazing graphics accessible to anyone, regardless of technical skill.

About Influencio Influencio is a brilliant startup that has cracked the code of connecting influencers to their fans and the companies they align with. They are committed to changing the influencer marketing industry and offer innovative solutions to connect influencers with their target audience.

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