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Constantine Shulyak: Thoughtful Innovator and Visionary Contributing to the Growth of Metaverse

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Constantine Shulyak: Thoughtful Innovator and Visionary Contributing to the Growth of Metaverse, Robotics, Climate Change, Ecology, FinTech, and HighTech Startups

Lviv, Ukraine – February 7, 2023 – Constantine Shulyak, an experienced entrepreneur and visionary,, has significantly impacted various fields, including public transport, marketing, social activities, and technology startups. He is focused on providing growth for innovative industries and promoting individuals, brands, and social needs.

Constantine’s social marketing and public relations expertise has resulted in several successful projects. He is the author of a social project in the field of public transport, which saved over $100M in public funds. Through a successful synthesis of marketing and social activities, Constantine improved the work of carrier companies and prevented unjustified price hikes in public transport.

Constantine is also the author and developer of a viral social marketing campaign in Lviv, Ukraine, which transformed violence during the Easter holidays into a joyous festival, attracting tourists and locals alike. The festival has been held annually since 2014.

Additionally, Constantine developed a viral promotion campaign for Travelmate Robotics, which received over 500 media publications, including Forbes, Inc., Business Insider, The Huffington Post, CNN, USA TODAY, FOX, and The Telegraph. The campaign also received over 40 million views of promo videos on Facebook and YouTube, leading to over $800,000 in pre-orders on IndieGoGo.

As a visionary and thought leader, Constantine continues to drive growth in innovative industries and support individuals, brands, and social needs. His extensive experience and expertise in marketing and social activities make him a valuable asset to any organization.

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