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Meta Quest 2 Reviews. Get two-hit games.

Meta Quest 2 Reviews. Get two-hit games.

Meta Quest 2 Reviews. Get two hit games: Starting at $399.99 USD RATING 4.5

6,888 Reviews

Meta Quest is for ages 13+

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Based on 6,888 reviews

Customer ratings for Meta Quest 2 128G


Exactly As Advertised!



The Quest takes gaming to a whole new level with the immersive experience. The product is simple to set up and use, and the wide variety of games should please even the most hard-bitten gamer.

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Any age can enjoy



I am 66 years old and I LOVE my Meta Quest 2! I told my friends and family to get one ASAP! I play Beat Saber every day (and can beat my son and grandchildren). My husband loves the golf games. I also love the roller coasters. Great for exercising and just plain fun. I highly recommend.

Does the job, not comfy though.



This is my first experience with a vr headset. The instructions they give to take apart your headset and put in the elite strap is awful. Just watch a video on how it’s done, saves a lot of time. After setting it up I couldn’t get it to work on Vrchat, had a friend walk me through it to finally get it going. Even with the elite strap I have a lot of discomfort wearing it. I only get on it for an hour or two at a time. Other than that I can’t wait to take it off. A lot of my friends play and it does make it a bit more enjoyable. If I didn’t make this something of an investment I wouldn’t think it was worth it the price for how uncomfortable it is. I still login through desktop to hang out cause I don’t feel like putting the headset on.

Great first VR Headset


Joseph Watkins

This was my first VR headset that I’ve owned and it has been a dream so far. It is comfortable once you get it adjusted to your head which can be a little difficult if you’re by yourself. Setup was super easy to do . However if you get hot and sweaty easly like I do the lenses tend to foggy up quickly but it’s easily fixed by wiping the lenses with a micro fiber cloth.

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Scratches too easily


Mom of VR-Obsessed Kid

The gaming itself is fine but the lenses scratch so easily and if any sunlight hits the set you’re screwed. For the price I would have expected these things to be a little higher quality.




Relatively easy setup but you need to play with friends for it to be really fun.




I’m really injoying everything from the 360 VR videos to the games, can’t wait to experience more.




Amazing. This was my first try with a VR headset, and now this is an essential technology. The sense of immersion this headset is able to create nearly eclipses the difficulty of creating a text file.

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Great! Needs 1 thing.


Feb 17, 2023


It’s one of the most fun things, everyone should get one or at least try it. There is a game for most people, shooting, golf, poker, painting etc. Just needs to have a wider ipd, if it could go to 75 then I think it would be perfect.

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Design could be improved


Feb 17, 2023


All in all I’ve really enjoyed my quest 2 thus far. My main complaint revolved around the comfort of wearing it with glasses. Even with the glasses insert the fit isn’t great and the headset tends to slide making things blurry. The width is barely wide enough to fit my glasses and when I remove the headset glasses tend to come off with it. Otherwise great product.

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I didn’t get the $30 credit with a referral



I purchased it using my son’s referral code & we were each suppose to receive a $30 credit towards future purchases. Neither of us received the credit. So that’s quite disappointing. Also the headset is uncomfortable wearing eye glasses (I have the adjustable upgrade).

Super fun



I remember having the very first Oculus that required you to plug your cell phone into it and that was a lot of fun and they’ve come a long way since. it’s not super heavy on my head so it doesn’t feel overly cumbersome however I will say that sometimes the hand gestures or controls I guess you could say feel just a little bit clunky and at the same time hypersensitive it’s been a little bit of a learning curve to play games on something like this but if you give it some time and you get used to the way it feels it’s super worth it it’s a lot of fun and I do highly recommend this VR headset. All that being said my two main complaints is I wish that the inside of the headset was coated with a non fog because quite often I put the headset on and once it seals to my face I fogged up and I can’t see anything and the other thing is just better battery life seems like I only get about an hour and a half out of the charge I know they have the head strap with a battery attached but I think it’d be nice just to improve the battery in general so you don’t have to buy the head strap