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What is the metaverse by Meta?

What is the metaverse by Meta?

What is the metaverse by Meta? The metaverse is the next evolution in social connection and the successor to the mobile internet.

Imagine a set of digital spaces that you can move seamlessly between.

Like the internet, the metaverse will help you connect with people when you aren’t physically in the same place and get us even closer to that feeling of being together in person.

You’ll be able to






The metaverse will include familiar 2D experiences, as well as ones projected into the physical world and fully immersive 3D ones too.

How do you access the metaverse?

You’ll be able to access the metaverse on different devices like your phone or computer, as well as virtual reality devices where you’re fully immersed.

The metaverse isn’t just for gamers or developers, it will be for everyone.

And our hope is that in the next decade it will reach a billion people.

No one company can build the metaverse alone, but we’re excited to help bring this vision to life.