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Afroja K, Trailblazing Entrepreneur and Businesswoman, Shakes Up the Fashion Industry with Innovative Brands Neomodest and Hijab On Demand

London, UK – Afroja K, a trailblazing entrepreneur and businesswoman is shaking up the fashion industry with her innovative and empowering fashion brands, Neomodest and Hijab On Demand. As the Founder and CEO of Neomodest, Afroja is celebrating the beauty of modest fashion through disruptive ideas for both conventional and digital spaces. She is also the founder of Hijab On Demand, the world’s first web 3 and digital hijab brand, offering phygital hijabs, scarves, and bandanas.

Afroja is passionate about empowering women and promoting diversity in the fashion industry. She believes that modest fashion should be accessible to everyone, regardless of background or beliefs, and is committed to making it more visible and creating a more inclusive fashion industry.

Afroja K is a strong advocate for gender equality and has been recognized for her work by the United Nations as a UNWomenUK delegate at CSW-66 in 2022. She has been featured by several influential media platforms, including The Future Laboratory, London, and Salaam Gateway, UAE. She has been recognized for her role in human rights and gender equality.

As a tech-minded startup founder, Afroja is leading the way in a sustainable and futuristic fashion that is inclusive, accessible, and empowering. She is an inspiring example of what can be achieved by following your dreams and working hard to make them a reality. Her commitment to making modest fashion more accessible and her dedication to empowering women is truly inspiring.

For more information on Afroja K, Neomodest, and Hijab On Demand, visit their websites.


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