Why you should vote in Midterm Elections 2022


If you’ve ever wondered why you should vote in midterm elections, check out my reasons below.

These elections are important.

  • These elections are essential for the future of your life
  • They will determine who runs the government for the next two years and how state and local governments operate.
  • You directly impact these elections by voting or not voting at all!

There are many state and local government issues on the ballot

This midterm election is a great time to get involved in your community. Many state and local government issues are on the ballot, and each can affect your life directly. You can vote for candidates that represent your values, representing candidates who will work hard to improve the lives of everyday people like you.

Your vote matters even if you don’t live in a swing state

Your voice matters. Whether you live in a swing state or not, voting is essential—the outcome of midterm elections determines who gets to serve as your representatives and senators for years to come. Suppose you’re a resident of one of the 230 congressional districts that make up the United States; in that case, your vote can help determine the balance of power in Congress and could impact issues like healthcare, climate change, and immigration reform.

Suppose you want to ensure hardworking Americans get their fair share. At the same time, those who profit off them are held accountable by our government (and vice versa), then consider casting your ballot today!

These races can affect our life, so take the time to exercise your right to vote.

Voting is one of the most important things you can do to make sure your voice is heaensurYour vote matters, so take time out of your day to exercise it! Midterm elections are happening on Tuesday, November 5th, and some races could affect your life in many ways. YouPoliticians and lobbyists have carefully crafted the issues on the ballot over years of lobbying to get their way. They range from healthcare reform, gun control laws, and immigration reform—to how much money should be spent on education or public safety programs like police officers or firefighters who protect our communities every day, just like firefighters do here at Station 1-7149 (Garden Grove).

Both parties have carefully selected the candidates running for office because they represent certain ideologies about what type of country we want America to become under, whatever party controls Congress at any given time during an election cycle (or even longer!). This means that whoever wins will likely make decisions based on those ideologies which may not always reflect what best serves our needs locally and nationally.”


These elections are important, and there are plenty of reasons to participate. Take the time to vote in your state and local elections this year; you won’t regret it!

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