MYTH #1: NO KNOWS WHAT IS THE METAVERSE >the Metaverse is the future of the internet

MYTH #2 THE METAVERSE IS ONLY GAMING >The Metaverse is not gaming. Not limited

MYTH #3 THE METAVERSE IS ONLY VIRTUAL REALITY  >Metaverse is virtual reality (VR) is like saying that the internet is only your smartphone

MYTH #4 THE METAVERSE WILL REPLACE THE REAL WORLD  >No, this is not the “Matrix”, the Metaverse won’t replace the real world.

MYTH #5 THE METAVERSE IS A FAD  >We’re still years away from a fully realized Metaverse and the technology we’ll need is far from complete. But

MYTH #6 THE METAVERSE WILL BE A MONOPOLY  >jumping on the bandwagon early doesn’t mean they’ll control the Metaverse,  

MYTH #7 THE SPEED OF TECHNOLOGY WILL SET THE PACE FOR ADOPTION  >Many people believe that the broad adoption of the Metaverse is hindered because technology is not keeping pace.

MYTH #8 THE METAVERSE IS ALREADY HERE  >The Metaverse is an infinitely large (future) virtual world that connects all other virtual sub-worlds.

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