– Daily business accounting task 1. Review cash status  – Weekly business accounting tasks

2. Record transaction

3. Keep track of documents and receipt

4. Review unpaid bills from vendor

5. Keep track of your accounts payable 6. Prepare and send invoice

7. Review projected cash flow – Monthly business accounting tasks

8. Reconcile all transaction 9. Review past due invoice 10. Analyze inventory status

11. Process or review payroll and deposit tax payment 12. Review actual profit and loss (P&L) vs. your budget and prior year

13. Review month-end balance sheet vs. prior period – Quarterly small business accounting tasks

14. Review estimate annual P&L  15. Review quarterly payroll reports and make payment

16. Review sales tax and quarterly estimated income tax

17. Compute and pay estimated income tax – Annual business accounting tasks

18. Review past due receivable 19. Review your inventory 20. Fill out Form W-2 and 1099-MISC