WD My Passport SSD Review

The WD mark is most intently connected with hard drives, yet the organization is grasping strong state stockpiling huge. In the wake of propelling an entire scope of inward SATA and PCIe SSDs, the organization has turned its consideration regarding the compact market. The new My Passport SSD supplements the as of late updated My Passport line of 2.5-inch hard drives, however, is obviously a considerable measure littler and more costly.

Compact SSDs are as yet a reasonable specialty item class, however, they bode well for the off chance that you esteem speed and unwavering quality regardless of anything else. The market is genuinely swarmed with alternatives from Samsung, Adata, SanDisk (a WD organization), and others. We have a 256GB rendition of the WD My Passport SSD in for audit today, and we will perceive how it stacks up against the others.

The best thing about versatile SSDs is that they are so natural to simply slip into a pocket. We as of late checked on the Samsung T5, and we’ve likewise tried the Samsung T1, SanDisk Extreme 500, and Adata SE730 before. Every one of them is little with adjusted sides or corners that make them simple to bear, however, WD has chosen to go the other way. The My Passport SSD has a flawlessly rectangular body with every single hard plot for every one of its edges and corners. This makes it less agreeable and advantageous in everyday utilize. This drive is additionally extensively taller than its rivals, influencing it to feel somewhat unbalanced in many pockets.

Then again, it is amazingly light at 40.8g, and it looks extraordinary. WD has conveyed forward the new plan dialect that was presented with its My Book and My Passport drives a year ago. The body is outwardly separated into two, with an upper a large portion of that is only a plain dark plastic square, and a lower half in dull gunmetal complete with askew ribs that wrap the distance around the body. The look was brought about by an outline firm called fuse project, established by the globally acclaimed Yves Behar, and is proposed to symbolize the meeting up of individuals’ physical and computerized lives.

There’s just a single shading blend, rather than the scope of splendid pop hues that My Passport drives are accessible in. It takes a gander at, to begin with, however, the metal segment gets smears constantly and is extremely hard to keep clean. Unusually, WD has not given this drive an action LED, and we continually got ourselves second-speculating regardless of whether it was protected to discharge the drive from a PC.

The My Passport SSD accompanies just a little direction flyer, a guarantee data sheet, and a USB link. Typically a link would be a minimum fascinating aspect regarding a capacity gadget, however this one merits a specify. First of all, it’s around 50cm long. Rather than the squat little links that we’ve seen with other convenient SSDs, this one can’t be buried effectively, making it significantly more hard to convey the My Passport SSD around.

All the more essential, it has USB Type-C plugs on the two finishes and accompanies a female Type-C to a male Type-A connector which takes into consideration associations with old and new has. While that may sound great, this sort of connector breaks the USB Type-C standard and is unequivocally not permitted by the USB Implementers Forum, which is the business body that makes such guidelines and affirms USB gadgets.

The purpose behind this is USB Type-C envelops a wide arrangement of association composes, and gadgets need to arrange things like power conveyance and host control conventions when they are associated. This can’t occur if a Type-C gadget is spanned through an inheritance Type-A port. While the My Passport SSD itself may be flawlessly ready to work with this course of action,  you never attempt to utilize this connector or the whole link with some other USB Type-erativeC gadget. WD has planned the connector with scores to endeavor to keep it from being utilized with different links, yet there’s nothing preventing anybody from utilizing the link overall. It’s amazingly shocking that an organization as set up as WD would pick this approach, rather than including an additional Type-C to Type-A link in the bundle like Samsung has finished with the SSD T5.

WD My Passport SSD particulars, highlights, and execution

Passing by the shape and size of this gadget, it’s anything but difficult to figure that WD has utilized a standard M.2 SSD with a USB connection. WD hasn’t uncovered the sort of blaze memory or the controller being used, yet programming diagnostics remember it as a SanDisk SATA 3.0 M.2 module in view of 15nm planar NAND. This isn’t shocking at all given that a considerable lot of the two brands’ items are fundamentally the same as. You can pick between 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB limits. The designed limit of our 256GB audit unit was 238GB, and it was set to utilize the exFAT record framework as a matter of course which guarantees similarity over any Mac or Windows PC discharged in the previous decade or something like that.

The drive is portrayed as “USB 3.1 Gen 2 prepared” yet it’s absolutely impossible you will get 10Gbps or even 5Gbps out of a SATA SSD. Speed is evaluated at up to 515MBps, which is the ideal situation for successive peruses. We utilized CrystalDiskMark 5.5 to test these cases, and accomplished successive read and compose paces of 454.6MBps separately, marginally pushing out the Samsung SSD T1 and Adata SE730, however, trailing the new Samsung SSD T5.

Arbitrary read and compose speeds at a line profundity of 32 were shockingly low, at 71.03MBps separately, and other versatile SSDs we’ve tried have accomplished much better. It appears that the My Passport SSD can’t exploit higher line profundities since scores for this drive and also the various SSDs were at around that same level when tried with that set to 1. The My Passport SSD was associated with the USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C port on our MSI X370 Xpower Gaming Titanium motherboard.

As indicated by WD, this drive can survive the stun of a drop from of up to 1.98m (6.5 feet), however, it isn’t water or tidy safe. You’re likewise secured by a three-year constrained overall guarantee. As far as information security, 256-piece AES equipment encryption is bolstered.

There’s a considerable amount of programming on the drive itself, and you can introduce or overlook it. WD Drive Utilities gives you a chance to check the SSD for mistakes and configuration it, while WD Security gives you a chance to set a secret word to exploit the 256-piece encryption. On the off chance that you overlook this secret word, there’s no real way to recoup it. Nonetheless, designing the drive will reset it to its production line condition so while your information may be sheltered from prying eyes, there’s no plate robbery impediment.

On the off chance that the My Passport SSD is bolted, it will appear on changed host PCs as a read-just virtual CD. On this, you’ll locate a little utility called WD Unlocker, which as its name proposes, gives you a chance to type in your secret word to open the drive. You can’t set a programmed time-out and there’s no safeguard to wipe the drive after various fizzled secret key endeavors, however, this ought to be sufficient for individuals who require protection more than security.

WD Backup is comparatively stripped down. You can utilize your WD drive and a Dropbox account (no other cloud administrations are upheld), you can choose particular subfolders on your hard drive, and you can set a matching up plan. At long last, there’s WD Discovery, a dashboard that stays running constantly and gives you a chance to dispatch alternate utilities and check for refreshes. It likewise demonstrates an extensive rundown of advertisements for outsider programming and administrations, some of which are free and some of which are marked down for WD clients. While the initial two utilities are accessible for Windows and macOS, Backup and Discovery are just for Windows. In the event that you need to utilize Time Machine on macOS, you’ll need to reformat the drive to utilize the HFS record framework, which implies you lose Windows interoperability.


The WD My Passport SSD has a ton of things going for and against it. It looks awesome, however, it truly isn’t as simple to bear as its rivals. It functions admirably, however, the arbitrary read and composes scores, which all the more intently speak to genuine utilization, weren’t incredible. The product highlights include a touch of significant worth, with the exception of the to some degree spammy Discovery application.

WD now gives you the choice of inside and in addition outside hard drives and SSDs. The My Passport SSD is 3-30x quicker than the My Passport hard drive, yet you’ll end up paying 7-10x as much for the identical limit. When you get used to the speed of a versatile SSD, it’s extremely difficult to backpedal even to USB 3.0 hard drives. On the off chance that you can bear the cost of the extravagance, there’s presumably this is the approach. For the greater part of individuals, however, the comfort and unwavering quality should be weighed precisely against the cost.

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