Simpsons parody of Death Note

Simpsons parody of Death Note

Simpsons parody of Death Note

Metaverse Jobs

List of 500+ companies that hire remote talent and give freelance work

workNameWebsiteRegionAlgorand USA or CanadaALICEhttps://aliceplatform.comWorldwideAlight Solutionshttps://alight.comWorldwideAlleyhttps://alley.coUSA, Canada, WesternallyDVM, UK, (EST, GMT)Amazon s/virtual-WorldwideAmbaum, EuropeAndela, UK, Singaporeapartment therapy, UK, IsraelAppwritehttps://appwrite.ioWorldwideargyle & Logichttps://artandlogic.comUSA and CanadaArtefactual Systemshttps://www.artefactual.comUTC-8 to UTC+2Articulatehttps://www.articulate.comWorldwideAstronomer
Metaverse cyber security 2023

Women’s Guide to Metaverse Cyber Safety 2023

Cyber Safety 2023 - Women and girls are both the targets and scapegoats of online harassment; we’re singled out and then victim-blamed as though we asked...
Blockchain Healthcare

Will Blockchain Technology Revolutionize Health Care?

Blockchain technologies were developed to facilitate monetary transactions. The benefit of blockchain is that it eliminates the need for a trusted third party to...
How Web3 is Used to Revolutionize Gaming Industry

How Web3 is Used to Revolutionize Gaming Industry

By integrating unique game features incorporating blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and non-fungible tokens, Web3 is radically changing the gaming business (NFTs). The democratization of gaming has...

FIFA world cup Qatar 2022

FIFA World Cup, Qatar 2022, Germany vs Spain, Group E: When And Where To Watch Live Telecast, Live StreamingFIFA World Cup, GER vs ESP:...