The search engines of web3

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Web3 explorer is a tool that allows you to search for content on the web and add it to your account.

The web3 explorer

A web3 explorer is a tool that helps you explore the web3 ecosystem. It’s like a browser for dapps, but more powerful. Web3 explorer is useful for anyone who wants to learn about decentralized applications (DApps).

The file explorer

Search for files and folders

File explorer allows you to search for files on your computer, or in the web3 file system. You can also use it to navigate through folders and open up new ones. You can copy, move or share any of your files with others using the File Explorer interface.

The service index

When you search for a service, you receive an instant list of services sorted by their ranking.

The service index is designed to help you quickly find the best services for your needs. To use it, just enter the name of your desired service in the box below and hit “Search Services.”

the account manager

The account manager is where you can manage your accounts.

  • Add new accounts. You can add as many accounts as you want, then assign them to different users and teams.
  • Remove existing accounts. This will remove any current user or team associated with that account and make it available for anyone who wants it (you should always remove old accounts before adding new ones).
  • Export list of all users in one go using this option on the left side menu bar of your dashboard, which will show all their details like name, email address etc., so that when someone needs an account created then they can easily get hold of one from this list!


The search engines of web3 are:

  • Web3 Explorer – A meta-search engine with a focus on user experience and usability.
  • File Explorer – A basic file manager for Ethereum applications and smart contracts, including JSON files and raw transactions.
  • Service Index – An indexing service that provides information about all the existing APIs available within the Ethereum ecosystem.

Together, these three tools can be used to learn more about your application or Dapp and its interactions with other users or services via their respective APIs.


Web3 is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to learn more about blockchain technology, but it also has many other uses. For example, you can use it as an educational tool by simply searching for something in the explorer and watching its results appear before your eyes. Or maybe you want to see what action happens when someone visits one of your pages from their browser? Then again, maybe not so much…

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