Technology in 2040 – what to expect in 2040

The 2022s will be a considerable transition period for technology, with the rise of artificial intelligence and robotics. Here’s our take on what to expect in 2040:

Electronic paper displays

Electronic paper displays are thin and flexible, using less power than LCDs. They can be printed, so they’re ideal for ebooks and newspapers. They’re also durable enough to last through multiple generations of printers—you never have to worry about your device breaking down or dying on you as a regular LCD screen would!

Artificial Intelligence

If we live in a world where technology is ubiquitous, there’s no doubt that artificial intelligence (AI) will play an important role. AI is already being used in many applications today; it’s just not as advanced as it could be. As technology improves and becomes more accessible, AI will become more pervasive.

AI can make decisions based on data rather than human intuition alone. This means that instead of having one person making all the decisions for everyone else—which can lead to poor outcomes if someone makes an ill-advised decision—it would allow multiple people with different backgrounds and opinions to analyze evidence from all over the globe before reaching their own decision about how best handle certain situations or problems they may encounter at work or home life outside work hours.


Robots will be commonplace in homes and offices. You’ll never have to worry about who your house cleaner is—a robot will come and do it for you.

Robots will be used for dangerous jobs, like mining or construction. Robots are safer than people because they don’t get hurt when we don’t expect them to be hurt or if something goes wrong with the machinery that makes them work. They also don’t take breaks like we do (although this may change soon).

Robots will help us clean our homes more efficiently than humans do: all those dirty dishes can pile up quickly! Plus, let’s say there’s a fire at home; robots can run around faster than humans running from flames while carrying buckets full of water—they’ll save lives!

Robots will socialize with us as quickly as they run around doing tasks: perhaps these machines could even replace pets someday! We’ll love them. We won’t have time for anything besides caring for these machines because we need them around too much daily.”

Space tourism

You can also expect to see space tourism, which will be a reality by 2040. The first human-crewed missions to Mars are expected to occur in 2032, and by 2037, we’ll have a permanent settlement on the Red Planet.

We’ll also see space hotels, stations, and mining operations that allow people from Earth to explore other planets without leaving their homes behind. Space tourism will become big business as well!

Internet everywhere

The Internet of Things (IoT) will have transformed the way we live. It will mean that every object in your home is connected to the internet and can be controlled remotely. You’ll be able to turn on a light when you get home or adjust the temperature from your phone.

In 2040 we will have seen a massive increase in connected devices thanks to new technologies like wireless mesh networks, 5G connectivity, and blockchain technology – all making it easier for businesses and consumers alike!

Technology will have evolved significantly by 2040.

Technology will have evolved significantly by 2040. It will be more efficient, cheaper, and more reliable.

We’re already seeing the beginnings of this in the way we use artificial intelligence (AI) to improve our lives. We are also seeing how new technologies play in many different areas: from driverless cars and drones to self-driving buses and 3D printing technology.


The future is going to be unique because of the technology that is being developed. We can look forward to many things in the next 20 years, including electronic paper displays, artificial intelligence, and robots. These technologies are already being used today, but they will continue to improve until 2040, when everything becomes ‘paperless.’

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