StarSharks Sets Sail on BNB Chain


Ahamdi Abarikwu

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StarSharks is backed by Binance Labs and boasts of pioneering the Content-Fi brand of DeFi.

Campaign Is Live

Shark-themed playtoearn metaverse, StarSharks, has kicked off its first community campaign on BNB Chain. The campaign, named Shark Adventurers, is the pilot Scholarship program of the metaverse and will run for 15 days from March 5 – 19.

StarSharks has a lineup of incentives for the campaign: booster accounts with three sharks each for 10 players, players will receive 80% of the $SEA tokens earned in-game, while 20% of team earnings will be set aside for future campaigns and rewards. Players who have booster accounts can extend their accounts by doing simple social Twitter tasks. The campaign was announced via Twitter on March 4:

“The pilot #SharkAdventurer campaign will officially set sail at 00:00 UTC on March 5th! Sharkies, are you ready for this limited-time challenge ever?” StarSharks tweeted.

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StarSharks asserts itself as the first Content-Fi platform. It weaves its gaming protocol around a framework that incentivizes and unleashes the community’s creativity. Players can team up to build and govern a new metaverse. The games (and their feature-sets) that will make up the StarSharks metaverse will be determined by the community.

StarSharks is an emerging playtoearn protocol which appears to have some potential judging from its early antecedents. The platform attracted about $4.8 million from strategic partners and key GameFi institutional investors, including Binance LabsHyperedge CapitalEverest Ventures Group, and 3Commas Capital.

Timi Studio Group – a subsidiary of Tencent Games, is the developer of StarSharks and has other successful games such as Call of Duty, Arena of Valor to its credit. The developers have a proven track record of building immersive games that attract more than 1 million daily active users within 3 months.

What is StarSharks?

StarSharks is a GameFi platform that is community-focused, allowing players, developers, and investors to together define the value evolution of underlying NFTs in the ecosystem. The protocol disrupts the existing GameFi space by enabling a metaverse wherein assets are transferable across various games.

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