Salman Khan “Mujhe ladki mil gayi”

Salman Khan tweeted out an announcement that has amazed numerous via web-based networking media. His post which expresses that he has discovered a young lady has produced a progression of responses. While some are interested, others have something clever to say in regards to the post.

Limited whose wedding Bollywood is energetically sitting tight for and is certain going to celebrate with a considerable measure of ceremony and show is Salman Khan. The 52-year-old on-screen character tweeted out an announcement that has left numerous in a free for all. In a tweet which was a jar all of a sudden for some, Khan stated, “Mujhe ladki mil gayi.” Quite strangely, the tweet neither has any specific situation, picture nor said precisely what the performer is discussing. Hopping the firearm, individuals via web-based networking media went into a hissy fit and squandered no time pondering about the puzzle young lady. No prizes for speculating, the story numerous appear to have needed to accept was that Khan, who is otherwise called the ‘most qualified lone ranger of Bollywood’ has at long last discovered a young lady to get hitched to. While some praised the on-screen character for at long last discovering his woman adore, others being their incredulous self, has inquiries thus a significant number of them. . A few, anticipating that this should be a type of a limited time tweet solicited, who the woman lead from his next film is.

Strangely, the performing artist elucidated all questions by composing another post in a while and told individuals that the past one was about his woman lead for the following film. The post read, “Nothing to stress na @aaysharma ki film #Loveratri ke liye ladki mil gayi Warina, Toh dont stress na be cheerful na.”

Be that as it may, that didn’t prevent individuals from responding to the first articulation. The tweet kickstarted a progression of jokes and entertaining responses that are too difficult to miss. We have curated some of most interesting tweets that surfaced after the post became famous online. Look at some of them here.

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