Priyanka Chopra Opens Up About Her Present Relationship Status

Think New York, think Priyanka Chopra – in any event that is our present perspective right at this point. The worldwide sensation is presently governing our hearts not simply back home but rather abroad as well. You cross Times Square in New York and you would see her assuming control over the place there as well. With her prosperity way taking off high, it’s anything but difficult to state that nothing Priyanka Chopra can’t do. What comes as an astonishment with her that she may look all intense outwardly, yet she beyond any doubt is similarly passionate within. Her affection life has been a riddle for all and there are not very many who get the chance to esteem an individual condition with her. Bits of gossip about her sentimental connections happened and finished similarly quick yet like she says, a young lady is single till she doesn’t have a ring on that finger. Hearing that from her gave us a reasonable thought of her present relationship status.

priyanka chopra
priyanka chopra

Warming it up on our cover in the present issue, we have worldwide sensation Priyanka Chopra who has made the greatest admissions of her lifetime in this selective meeting. On a radiant New York evening, we visit with her while she is by all accounts in her best state of mind to talk her heart out. From guaranteeing her relationship status to be SINGLE to uncovering being in an extremely dedicated relationship in the past – there’s a considerable measure that was at the forefront of her thoughts and that she shared.

Selections beneath.

Aren’t you seeing anybody?

At this moment, I’m single. Obviously, I’ve been twofold ya! What do you believe I’m a holy person? In any case, as of late, I’ve been single. Allows simply say that!

Didn’t you date any of your co-stars amid Quantico?

Not my co-stars since they’re altogether hitched!

For what reason not?

Gee… I’ve been single after an outrageously lengthy time-frame. I get a ton of consideration. In any case, I don’t comprehend what to do with it. (Giggles) obviously, I like it. I’m a young lady and I’m vain.

You haven’t met anybody fascinating?

No, I haven’t. I’m a serial monogamist. I was in an extremely dedicated relationship. Be that as it may, since just about a year, I’ve been single. I’ve met a cluster of individuals. I’ve gone out with individuals. I let somebody charm me yet no… My psyche hasn’t detonated, not yet!


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