New Rule: Residents In Some States May Need Passports For Domestic Flights In 2018

At this moment all states that are non-compliant with The Real ID Act had an extension that expired on October 10, 2017.
All these states with an extension have been given a grace period until January 22, 2018.
All non-compliant states are currently under review for possible extension (with the added exception of Virginia, whose extension is now valid until October 10, 2018).
At this point no can say what states are at risk until the review of states’ extensions has been completed. Here’s the official list of states that are at risk.
You may have thought you don’t need a passport because you don’t travel outside the United States. But for residents of some states, this may change, pending the above info, for any commercial flight, whether international or domestic.
To get past TSA security checkpoints, another form of identification may be required: passport, permanent resident card/green card or a military ID.
The Real ID Act of 2005 insists that state-issued IDs meet the minimum security standards now set by the federal government. The following states do not yet:
South Carolina
Whatever the outcome, it is time to start planning now and look into getting your passport.
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Some states have started working on offering federally approved issued IDs that would not require a passport for domestic air travel. Check with your local government office to see if there is a different type of ID you can apply for, and the TSA website to clarify this situation. And by 2020, even more people may end up needing a passport, as confirmed by the official website of the Transportation Security Administration.
To repeat, if you’re going to take a flight and you have a state-issued ID from one of the states listed above, unless your state has made federally approved changes before January, it would be safest to use a passport to go anywhere across the country, as all domestic travel is included in these new standards.
Traveling by air seems to have been made more difficult by the federal government, just as it has been made more complicated because of the need to remove our shoes at security check-in. But this new move is considered another way to make traveling safer, and another example of the new normal. To deal with these changes, travelers should be pro-active in even the smallest ways: leaving enough time to get through security without stress, wearing shoes that slip off easily, joining programs that make security checks speedier.
And now, just to be sure, keeping an up-to-date passport.
Whatever happens, 2018 isn’t too far away. Why worry? If you don’t have a passport, I would get one to be sure. And the rush at passport offices will only increase.

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