Natalie Portman on Hollywood Sexual Mishandle: ‘I have 100 stories’

Natalie Portman opens up about her encounters

Natalie Portman has uncovered she has “100 stories” of lewd behavior in Hollywood – including getting “assault dream fan mail” when she was only 13-years of age.

The Oscar-winning performing artist opened up about her encounters in a meeting with Porter Magazine, clarifying she had persisted provocation and control from studio officials all through her profession.

Furthermore, her risky encounters started when she was a youngster star, with one supposed fan sending her an assault dream.

At 18, a nearby radio station made a commencement for her birthday – “the date I would be legitimate to lay down with” – and persisted motion picture commentators remarking on her “maturing bosoms” in their articles.

Since she would not like to do “kissing scenes” prior in her vocation, Portman additionally clarified she was seen “pretentious, moderate, geeky, genuine, trying to feel like my body was sheltered and my voice would be tuned in to.”

“I wanted to cover my body and to hinder my appearance and my work keeping in mind the end goal to send my own particular message to the world that I’m somebody worth of security and regard,” she said. “The reaction to my appearance, from little remarks about my body to all the more undermining purposeful articulations, served to control my conduct through a domain of sexual fear based oppression.”

Portman even recollected a period when one maker asked for she go onto his private plane, and the conditions made her awkward.

“It was only both of us, and just a single bed was made up,” she reviews. “Nothing happened, I was not struck.”

In any case, she told the maker that the circumstance “didn’t influence me to feel great.”

While her worries were voiced and regarded, the circumstance still didn’t sit well with her.

Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman tends to her experience of ‘sexual fear mongering’ at age of 13 at Women’s Day walk

“That was extremely unsatisfactory and manipulative,” she notes. “I was terrified.”

The 36-year-old performing artist said that when the #metoo development began, she didn’t have an account of provocation to tell – until the point when she understood that she had been encountering everything along.

“I went from considering, ‘I don’t have a story’ to ‘Goodness, pause, I have 100 stories,'” she clarifies. “What’s more, I think many individuals are having these retributions with themselves.”

Amid the 2018 Golden Globes, the 36-year-old performing artist demonstrated she was tired of all inclusive sexism while introducing the Best Director classification designations with, “And here are the every single male chosen one.”

Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman

From that point forward, Natalie Portman demonstrated her sense of duty regarding finishing Hollywood sexism and badgering as a piece of the Time’s Up battle – a reaction to the huge number of inappropriate behavior and manhandle claims that have surfaced.


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