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The internet is a vast place, full of opportunities for fun and profit. Some games are free to play, while others are paid services. However, to become an expert at these games, you’ll need to know how they work! Here’s a brief rundown on some of the top titles out there today:

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a virtual world where you can create and play games. You can earn tokens by playing games and using those tokens to buy items in the Sandbox Store. You can also earn tokens by publishing your games and selling them in the store.


Decentraland is a virtual world platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain. It allows users to create, experience, and monetize content and applications. The Decentraland platform uses its cryptocurrency, MANA (Decentraland’s native currency), which can be used to purchase land or buy in-game goods like avatars or other items. Users who have MANA can also vote on community proposals through “decisions” made by individuals or groups within Decentraland’s virtual world.

The governance system is based on three fundamental principles: transparency, accountability, and decentralization. These principles allow for better decision-making about how things work in the game since everyone has access to all information about what happens within it at any given time; there are no hidden agendas behind decisions made either way because everything going on inside this game will be visible on its website, so everyone knows exactly what happened before making decisions themselves…


Cryptovoxels is a browser-based game that lets you earn money by selling your creations to other players. You can buy land, build structures, or collect items from the ground. If someone wants to purchase one of your items for real money, they can pay in cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin).

You get paid when people use your creations in their games, called “in-game currency” or “IGC.” The more popular your game is with other players, its value will be higher when sold at auction!

You’ll also receive royalties every time someone buys something from you via PayPal or Amazon Affiliate links; these are called “in-game commissions”..”


Lazarus is the world’s first decentralized multiplayer game with a player-driven economy. Players can buy and sell land, build structures and create content. They earn money by selling their land or their creations.

The game is built on Ethereum blockchain technology which makes it secure and transparent, making it possible for players to trust each other in this virtual world where they can interact freely without having any limitations imposed on them by third parties such as governments or corporations.

Endless Frontier

Endless Frontier is a free-to-play, 2D MMORPG in a fantasy world where players can explore the land, fight monsters and build their homes.

Players start with nothing but some essential tools, but they’ll soon find themselves able to craft items from raw materials collected in-game or bought through real money. This opens up new areas of exploration and provides access to more advanced equipment like weapons and armor. In addition to crafting items from scratch (and selling them on), there’s also an auction house where players can sell their items for real money at fixed prices instead of through gameplay itself. This feature allows individuals who don’t have time for farming activities because they’re busy working full-time jobs or raising families, etcetera…

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based game that allows players to breed, collect, and digital battle creatures called Axis. The platform also offers a marketplace where users can buy and sell in-game items with each other.

The game’s goal is to make the most of its virtual ecosystem by creating an experience worth spending time on—and not just another social network where people will post selfies or play Candy Crush Saga all day (which might not be so bad).


The takeaway is that the game industry is an exciting place to be, and you can find success in it. You have to know what it’s like, and how best to apply yourself.

The article above has given us some tips on how we might go about doing this. If you’re interested in learning more about this topic, check out our website! We have plenty of great articles on blockchain technology and other things related to games (like investing).


Dental is a virtual world built on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s a sandbox for users to create, explore and interact with other users in an open-ended world. Users can build, trade, and battle in this world using ERC721 tokens (ERC20 compatible).

EOS Knights

EOS Knights is a blockchain game where you can collect, train and trade digital monsters. You can play with other players or against the computer.

In the arena, you can battle other players in real-time and earn in-game rewards if you win! Or, if they don’t want to fight, they’ll wait until one of their team gets knocked out so they can take over their territory.

You’ll also be able to battle against other players in the coliseum, which works similarly to an RPG dungeon crawl where each stage has different monsters to fight against and traps that need bypassing before proceeding further into darkness (and danger).


EOS Knights:

EOS Knights is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that Blockgenic has developed. This game was released in the year 2018, and it has received positive feedback from players. The main objective of this game is to defeat other players by using your skills and weapons during battles. There are many different characters that you can choose from according to their strengths or weaknesses, but one thing you should note about them all is that they have their own story too!

Bit Heroes:

Bit Heroes is another excellent example of how blockchain technology can improve gameplay experiences for users who play games on mobile devices or PCs/Macs globally despite cultural differences between countries like China and vs. USA etc…

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is an Ethereum-based game that allows players to build, explore and fight in virtual reality. Players can buy land, build buildings and earn money through mining.

Players can also visit other players’ worlds by traveling through portals or using special items earned during gameplay. When you visit another player’s world, you can trade with them or join forces if they are playing on the same server as yours (you never know who you might bump into!).

Enjin World

Enjin World is a blockchain-based MMO that allows players to build their worlds. The game is built on the Enjin blockchain platform, which means it has no central authority and can’t be shut down by one person or company. Instead, it runs on a decentralized network of computers (called nodes) worldwide. Every player has an account that contains information about them: their name, avatar picture, character’s name, and level; they also have access to an inventory with items they own or have purchased from other players’ inventories (such as equipment).

Players earn ENJ tokens—the primary currency used in Enjin World—by playing games within this virtual environment; these tokens can then be sold for real money if you want them for yourself!


Splinterlands is a strategy game where you build a kingdom, battle against other players, and earn rewards by completing quests. You can also buy and sell items in the marketplace.

Bit Heroes

Bit Heroes is a blockchain-based game that allows players to collect and level up heroes, which are digital assets. The game has a free-to-play model, but players can also buy heroes with real money.

Bit Heroes was created by Bitguild in early 2018 and launched its ICO on March 7th of this year. The ICO raised $8 million during its first day of sales, making it one of the most significant crowdfunded projects in history at that time (it’s now ranked third).


While there are many games that you can play to earn money, we recommend Sandbox and Cryptovoxels.

Sandbox: The game is free to play with a browser-based client. You get an account and start playing immediately after setting up your virtual world with some friends who have already been there before you. It’s simple enough for anyone who knows how to use the mouse or arrow keys on their keyboard (or even better yet—the D-pad). You can also use a controller if that’s what floats your boat more than usual!

Cryptovoxels: This game revolves around creating your cryptocurrency based on building structures in-game using blocks called Voxels (which stand for “virtual pixels”). Players earn coins when they purchase these blocks from other users in exchange for real cash while simultaneously building whatever they want inside their private space within this blockchain world where everything exists as bits instead of bytes like standard computer systems do.”


If you’re interested in learning more about these games and their respective platforms, check out the links above. We hope that this guide has helped you better understand why these types of games are so popular amongst gamers today!

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