Madeira Gets a Digital Twin in the Metaverse

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In a government-approved “digital twin” project, the first 500 parcels of virtual real estate in “Madaria World,” a virtual version of Madeira Islands in Portugal, have been listed on the NFT Marketplace. yesterday (September 28).

The project is a collaboration between local government Exclusible and virtual and augmented reality technology company Dimmersions.

Prices vary from 1 ETH for a 2000 m^2 parcel to 28 ETH for a 9 hectare parcel.

The “Pioneer Collection” was released prior to the release of Madaria World Metaverse. Once the virtual world is live, land parcel owners will be able to build buildings on their parcels and sell or rent the land.

NFT owners also have access to the physical location that the plot represents. It creates exciting architectural opportunities in protected UNESCO-certified areas where physical buildings are not permitted, allowing you to view virtual structures in augmented reality. .

In a press release announcing the sale, Dimmersions co-founder and CEO Candy Flores de Freitas said:

Early access to Immersive Entertainment related to Madalia IP, all Madalia public event ticket sales, all future sales of virtual properties and NFT Drops from Exclusible, ticket purchases to Madalia’s exclusive annual gala. There are also additional benefits such as access and invitations. To offset the carbon footprint of Mint and his NFT trading, he participates in a “tree party” where he plants 500 trees. ”

Exclusible CEO Thibault Launay added:

As reported by PYMNTS, digital twins of real places have been launched on The Sandbox Metaverse platform, which allows users to visit a virtual version of Hong Kong, the “Mega City”. The next digital twin city to be built in The Sandbox is Dubaiverse.

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