Lenovo ThinkReality VRX — New All-in-One Virtual Reality Solution Designed for the Enterprise Metaverse

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  • Next-gen VR headset in a compact form factor with mixed reality capabilities for immersive training, collaboration and 3D design.
  • End-to-end enterprise solution. Protect and drive your business, supported by cloud software, security features, and services.

Research Triangle, North Carolina – From September 28, 2022 lenovo today announced a new all-in-one virtual reality (VR) headset designed for the enterprise. Comfortable fitting, slim profile 6 degrees of freedom (6DoF) ThinkReality VRX features pancake optics and full-color, high-resolution pass-through capabilities for mixed reality (MR) applications. ThinkReality VRX is also supported by a full suite of end-to-end services to help businesses deliver solutions faster and realize a faster return on investment.

Gateway to the Enterprise Metaverse

Lenovo ThinkReality VRX is built as a VR solution for workers everywhere. The immediacy and fidelity of new digital tools experienced through augmented reality (XR) devices mean that the workforce is becoming less constrained by time and space. From improving the efficiency of employee training and virtual collaboration, to expanding design and engineering tasks in 3D, XR technology is more important than ever for companies empowering hybrid workers to do more. I’m here.

VR, in particular, has achieved impressive results in training applications. Companies train soft skills up to 4x faster and are 275% more confident in applying skills learned in VR compared to classroom training. Additionally, VR training can reduce the risk of workplace injuries by up to 43%.me me

As a global leader in providing intelligent transformation solutions to the enterprise, Lenovo built ThinkReality VRX to be a premium, versatile, and secure gateway to the enterprise metaverse. Lenovo ThinkReality VRX works with content in 6 or 3 degrees of freedom and can be used as a standalone device or tethered to a PC or workstation for a streaming experience.iiiThinkReality VRX is also available with cloud-based rendering solutions such as: NVIDIA Cloud XR For graphics-intensive XR experiences that require high-end GPU-based performance.

Built-in thinking reality The software platform empowers IT and operations with the ability to deploy, configure and manage XR devices at scale. Enterprise customers can support their employees with updates and analytics to optimize employee performance.

Lenovo ThinkReality VRX is backed by a full suite of end-to-end services, from consulting and content creation to cloud deployment and customer support, to help your organization thrive in the new reality of business. . Business VR solutions also support enterprise-level security practices with a secure supply chain and manufacturing process that vets all component and service suppliers.

Next-gen VR design capabilities

The ThinkReality VRX headset incorporates several key design advancements to make long VR sessions more comfortable in the office, at home, or wherever hybrid workers work. increase.

Innovative pancake optics and slim form factor reduce the overall profile of the headset for a better fit and feel with optimal battery position for improved weight distribution and balance . The all-in-one VR headset also features easy-to-clean materials between uses.

Four front-mounted cameras provide 6DoF tracking and provide two full-color, high-definition pass-through cameras to give workers a better, uninterrupted user experience as they perform their tasks . The pass-through technology also provides his MR application functionality, allowing users to overlay her 3D graphics on top of the real world, allowing employees to do more with a single her XR device. increase.

Powered by the Snapdragon™ XR platform, ThinkReality VRX delivers next-level performance for immersion and interactivity in an all-in-one XR headset that allows workers to optimize in virtual environments.

Open Platform, Growing Ecosystem

No single organization builds the metaverse. Lenovo is committed to working with industry leaders to drive growth and adoption of this new platform. Enterprises can develop with ThinkReality VRX. snapdragon space™ XR Developer Platform and its OpenXR-based SDK.

“Our customers are looking for a reliable, flexible and scalable gateway to their growing enterprise metaverse. We need a solution.” “We designed the Lenovo ThinkReality VRX to be the perfect VR solution for training and collaborating in immersive 3D.”

ThinkReality VRX is supported by a portfolio of XR solutions, including the ThinkReality XR service as well as a cloud software platform that helps deploy and manage enterprise applications and content on a global scale. Specialized XR Services provide vendor-agnostic end-to-end white-glove services to assist customers from strategy to delivery. The ThinkReality hardware portfolio includes Think Reality A3are the most versatile augmented reality (AR) smart glasses ever designed for the enterprise.

Lenovo also works with leading enterprise software vendors such as: engaged XR, the Metaverse communications platform for collaboration, training and education, builds and delivers Lenovo’s presence in the Metaverse. The Lenovo space within ENGAGE will be an ‘always on’ virtual home for Lenovo to showcase its products and solutions, meet and collaborate with partners and customers.

price and availability

ThinkReality VRX will be available in early access to select partners by the end of 2022, followed by general availability in select markets around the world beginning in early 2023. Pricing for enterprise VR solutions will be disclosed as they become available.visit ThinkReality VRX web page For more information, please contact your Lenovo sales representative.

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iii Separately sold USB-C link cable


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