JINPAT: “There is a Trend for Slip Rings With the Metaverse and VR”

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It presents various Chinese enterprises in various industrial sectors on the occasion of special focus on Chinese industries. In this article Gimpatmanufacturing slip ringseconds. Sherry Zhang, Account Manager at JINPATIt will tell you more about the company.

This interview was conducted in collaboration with VE China.

Could you tell us more about your company’s history?

Sherry Chan: We design, manufacture and sell slip rings. We are located in Shenzhen. The company started his business in 1996, but was registered as a private company in 2004. Worldwide he has 400 employees and his 15 distributors.

What kind of products do you manufacture?

Sherry Chan: Manufactures slip rings and rotary joints. We offer a variety of sizes, configurations and designs depending on the application and the type of signal you want to transmit. This mission remains the same for all our products. Our slip rings are used to transfer power, data and electrical signals from stationary structures to rotating structures.

We have standard products, but we also accept customization according to customer’s request. For example, we can customize the size, housing, and terminals.

Slip rings provide additional protection in highly hazardous environments such as the marine and oil and gas industries.

What are the main uses of your product?

Sherry Chan: We have a very wide range of slip rings for various industrial applications. Our slip rings are used in marine and aerospace equipment, machinery, robots and wind turbines. Home robots are also equipped with our slip rings.

The main areas of application today are automation, cranes, robots, drones and surveillance.

It’s been two years since healthcare became a new field for us, and the demand from the industry is on the rise.

Is demand from the medical industry increasing due to COVID-19?

Sherry Chan: Yes, that’s one reason. With COVID, we have to test a lot of people. The tester also needs a slip ring to operate and allow testing.

Another reason is that medical devices such as robots and scalpels also need slip rings. Therefore, it was necessary to design a slip ring that met the requirements of this particular industry. For example, slip rings require not only very high data transfer rates, but also very high rotational speeds.

How would you rate the competition in your sector?

Sherry Chanour advantage over our competitors is the fact that our slip rings allow data and signal transmission in addition to power transmission. Transmit power is very simple. Transmission of data and signals is more difficult, especially in the automation industry and long-term use. Automated machinery requires very fast data transfer and our slip rings make it possible.

What do you think the future trend of slip rings will be?

Sherry Chan: There is a tendency for slip rings in the metaverse and virtual reality. Accessories in this industry require slip rings such as VR helmets from Oculus and HTC. VR equipment requires very important data transmission, and our slip rings fulfill that role. This is a challenge as the industry requirement is to maintain high speed data transmission. Therefore, we are currently developing new products to meet these requirements. We are already working on his VR gear for Oculus and HTC.

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