How to Start Selling NFTs?


If you’re considering starting to sell NFTs but aren’t sure where to start or how to get started, we have good news: it’s easy! Follow this simple guide,d you’ll be up and running in no time.

Register on the Marketplace

To get started selling NFTs, you’ll need to register on the marketplace and verify your account. Registering is free and easy to do. You can use your email or social media accounts (such as Instagram or Facebook) to register for an account. Once you’ve done this, it will take about 24 hours until your new NFTs are available for sale!

Schedule a Consultation Call

The last step to starting selling NFTs is scheduling a consultation call. This should be done as soon as you’re done with the artwork and ready to ship it out so that we can go over all of the details of your listing and make sure everything looks excellent before hitting “send.”

Here are some questions that should be answered during this call:

  • What kind of condition does my artwork arrive in? Is it clean? Are they scratched up? Bleeding edges? Blurry photos? Broken tabs – do I need new tabs or not? Are there any missing or damaged pieces – what should I do about those problems now instead of later when they become harder to fix (myself or others)?
  • Which images did I use in each photo gallery on my listings page (if applicable)? Are they high quality enough that potential buyers would want them on their own NFTs instead of just adding them onto existing ones already owned by someone else already listed there.”

Submit Your Artwork

  • Upload your artwork.
  • Create an account.
  • Create a collection.
  • Add your artwork to your collection (optional).
  • Add a description to your collection (optional).
  • Set an initial price for each piece of art the same way you would set up any other listing on NFTs.

Create Your NFT Collection

You can set the price for your collection, but you can also sell individual NFTs. If you’re starting, it’s best to limit yourself to selling one or two of each type of NFT to get started with your collection and begin making sales.

If you have more than a couple of hundred NFTs in your catalog and want to start selling them at once instead of individually, some other things might help:

  • Set up an account on OpenSea (or another marketplace). This will allow people interested in buying any given item from within their accounts rather than having another person message them directly.* Use an escrow service such as (which also has other features like tracking orders). This way, if someone buys something from someone else who doesn’t have enough funds yet because they forgot about sending over payment info etc…

Set Your NFT Prices

Now that you have decided to sell NFTs, it’s time to set your prices. The price should be fairly straightforward when selling a single item, such as an artwork or collectible card deck. However, if your items are more complex and require several pieces to create a complete set (e.g., a board game), then this will make setting prices more difficult because many factors influence how much people will pay for these items:

  • Is it rare? In other words, does everyone want one? Or do some folks want several copies of this particular piece by being collectors? This question can affect everything from what kind of packaging is used until the delivery time when buyers receive their orders from sellers on platforms like OpenSea and OpenBazaar.
  • How much effort did someone put into making this product happen? For example: if someone spent years collecting different kinds of materials needed for making something like an original painting worth thousands of dollars per square inch, then chances are there would be fewer people willing to buy those types since they’d have no idea how much time went into making them except perhaps through researching online at least once before deciding whether or not it was worth paying extra money just because someone else made all those hours worth something special too!”

It’s easy to start selling NFTs.

NFTs are a new type of digital asset. They’re unique and can be sold and traded like any other cryptocurrency or token.

But unlike other cryptocurrencies, NFTs aren’t just used for speculation: they’re also collectibles with real-world value. If you own an NFT, you can sell it for cash (or even trade it with others). You don’t need to worry about hacks or scams—and because the technology behind them is still in its infancy, there are no available services at this time that would allow users to back up their private key securely so they could reaccess their crypto holdings later on down the line if something happened like losing all their money due to an accidental hard drive crash! This means that while most people will probably never get rich off selling their collection pieces… at least now everyone has access right away without having first gone through months worth of research learning what works best when trying out different methods first before committing full steam ahead towards becoming successful sellers themselves.”


We hope you’ve found our helpful guide, which has helped you understand the basics of selling NFTs. As we mentioned earlier, there are many other things to consider before starting your own business—but with a bit of research and effort, NFTs can be a great way to make some extra money while having fun doing it!

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