How much do jobs in the metaverse pay?

Metaverse world builder

The world building is a powerful tool for creating the metaverse and can be used to create various worlds. You can use it to build your own private space, or you could sell your creations to other users who want to use them as part of their own metaverse experiences.

As with any business venture in the metaverse, there’s no guarantee that world builders will make money out of their creations—but if they do decide to go into business (or build on top of someone else’s work), they’ll have many options available:

  • Selling access points within their worlds (for example: buying premium accounts)
  • Charging for access points outside their worlds (such as subscription fees)

Metaverse sales associate

Metaverse sales associates will help customers find the right piece of property. They’ll be stationed at various locations throughout the metaverse and will help you navigate your way around it. Sales associates also have access to an inventory system that allows them to keep track of items in their store’s catalogs and those available for sale at any time.

The job is pretty simple: You’ll need a good computer (or two), an internet connection, and the ability to learn how everything works to do your job correctly.

Metaverse real estate broker

Brokers are middlemen who facilitate the buying and selling of real estate. In the metaverse, they act as an intermediary between buyers and sellers. They can be found in roles within the metaverse—like a broker who connects buyers with sellers or a buyer’s agent who helps them find their dream home.

Brokers are also required to know their specific market. Suppose you’re looking for something in New York City’s Upper West Side, for example. In that case, your broker will know exactly what kind of homes are available at any given time (and they might even be able to recommend specific properties). Additionally, brokers must be good communicators and know how to describe properties accurately and how best someone could see them firsthand (e-mailing photos isn’t always sufficient). Finally, brokers need strong negotiation skills because they’ll often be involved in negotiating prices or terms between potential clients.

Metaverse property developer

If you’re interested in developing property in the metaverse, you might consider buying an existing property and turning it into something new. This can be a profitable business if your building is up to par with other properties that are already there.

For example, suppose you have the money and resources available. In that case, it may be possible for you to buy an old warehouse or factory building within Second Life (SL) and turn it into some kind of office complex. The cost of doing so would likely be less than if someone else did it; however, if they did not do their job correctly or did not know what they were doing, then there could be problems later on down the line when trying to sell such an asset at auction time when needed most—namely due taxes being paid off before auction day arrives!

Metaverse architect

The metaverse architect is responsible for the design of buildings in the metaverse. They must have a degree in architecture and experience working with building codes and regulations. Architects also need to be familiar with building materials to ensure your virtual home meets all safety standards.

Architects must also pass an exam that tests their knowledge on these topics before they can register as architects within your jurisdiction (in most cases, this means you’ll need to be licensed).

Metaverse security guard

If you want to make money in the metaverse, consider becoming a metaverse security guard. A metaverse security guard protects the general public from dangerous activity within the VR world.

The duties of a metaverse security guard include:

  • Serving as an emergency responder (if necessary)
  • Escorting citizens and visitors safely through their daily routine or activities
  • Fulfilling requests from other NPCs (non-player characters)

The metaverse is going to create new jobs and economic opportunities.

The metaverse is going to create new jobs and economic opportunities.

The metaverse will be the next big thing. It’s not just a game anymore—it’s an entire universe where people can live out their fantasies in a way that doesn’t exist in real life. Many people have been saying this for years now, but few people have seen what it looks like yet (I’m one of them). And when they see it, they’ll realize how amauniqueese new worlds will be!


We’re excited to see how these new jobs will evolve. I believe that the metaverse will change everything; it will be the next big thing in technology, and there are many opportunities for people working here.

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