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best kdrama 2022
best kdrama 2022

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51 titles

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

1. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (2016)

TV-14 | 60 min | Action, Drama, Fantasy



Korean melodramatic adaptation of Chinese drama Startling by Each Step (2011) follows a woman who travels back in time to the Goryeo Dynasty of Korea whenever a total eclipse of the sun took place.

Stars: Lee Joon-GiJi-eun LeeKang Ha-neulNam Joo-hyuk

Votes: 8,645


2. Heirs (2013)

13 | 55 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance



After a chance encounter in LA, two teens from different social backgrounds reunite at an exclusive high school attended by Korea’s über rich.

Stars: Lee Min-HoPark Shin-HyeKim Woo-binKim Ji-Won

Votes: 10,919

Kill Me, Heal Me

3. Kill Me, Heal Me (2015)

16 | 60 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance



A love story between the son from a wealthy family who has 7 personalities Cha Do Hyun (Ji Sung) and Oh Ri Jin (Hwang Jung Eum) who becomes his secret psychiatrist.

Stars: Seong JiHwang Jeong-eumPark Seo-joonChoi Wonyoung

Votes: 5,092


4. Healer (2014–2015)

TV-14 | 60 min | Action, Comedy, Crime



An old murder incident involving a group who ran an illegal broadcasting station brings together different people – a mysterious errand guy “Healer” who possesses disguise and fighting … See full summary »

Stars: Ji Chang-WookPark Min-YoungTae-MiYoo Ji-tae

Votes: 8,559

My Love from Another Star

5. My Love from Another Star (2013–2014)

Not Rated | 60 min | Comedy, Drama, Fantasy



Do Min-Joon, an alien that came to our planet 400 years ago, will be able to return to his planet in 3 months, but when he meets famous actress Chun Song-Yi, all the centuries he spent distancing himself from humans come to an end.

Stars: Jun Ji-hyunKim Soo-hyunPark Hae-JinYoo In-Na

Votes: 12,927

The Master's Sun

6. The Master’s Sun (2013)

16 | 62 min | Comedy, Fantasy, Horror



Tae Gong Sil has the ability to see ghosts, but their constant demands for help make her life impossible until she meets Joo Jong Won, a handsome CEO who measures everything by money, since when she touches him, the ghosts disappear.

Stars: Kong Hyo-JinSo Ji-seobSeo In-GukYoo-Ri Kim

Votes: 4,812

Haereul poomeun dal

7. Haereul poomeun dal (2012)

TV-Y | Drama, Fantasy, Romance



The story of the secret love between Lee Hwon, a fictional king of Joseon, and Wol, a female shaman. Wol was born as Heo Yeon Woo, the daughter of a noble family who won the love of the … See full summary »

Stars: Mi-seon JeonMi-kyeong YangEung-soo KimEun-pyo Jeong

Votes: 2,714

Boys Over Flowers

8. Boys Over Flowers (2009)

TV-14 | 70 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance



Poor girl attends the elite Shin Hwa High and is bullied by the leader of F4 (the four richest boys). He becomes attracted to her; however, she has a crush on his best friend. Whom will she choose?

Stars: Ku Hye-SunLee Min-HoKim Hyun-joongKim Bum

Votes: 12,164

You Are Beautiful

9. You Are Beautiful (2009)

60 min | Comedy, Drama, Music



Go Mi-Nyu, a girl about to become a nun, is asked to cover for her indisposed twin brother, Mi-Nam, who’s on the verge of becoming a k-idol. To do so, she disguises herself as a boy and joins A.N.Jell, a really popular boy band.

Stars: Park Shin-HyeKeun-Suk JangYong-hwa JungHong-ki Lee

Votes: 4,770

Princess Hours

10. Princess Hours (2006)

TV-Y | 60 min | Comedy, Romance



Love, tradition, and politics collide when a spirited young art student is betrothed to the crown prince of South Korea.

Stars: Yun Eun-hyeJu Ji-HoonSong Ji-HyoLee Yun-ji

Votes: 2,689

Mischievous Kiss

11. Mischievous Kiss (2010)

UA 13+ | 66 min | Comedy, Romance



Fate brings polar opposite high school classmates (one obsessively attracted to the other, the other indifferent to all advances) to live under one roof. Is romance possible?

Stars: Jung So-MinKim Hyun-joongTae-Sung LeeHye-Young Jung

Votes: 3,595

Sungkyunkwan Scandal

12. Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010)

TV-Y | 70 min | Comedy, Drama, History



In the Joseon era, Kim Yoon-hee masquerades as a boy to earn a living as a book transcriber. Her family’s dire circumstances and the encouragement of a noble’s son finally drive her to attend Sungkyukwan University, forbidden for females.

Stars: Park Min-YoungYu Chun ParkYoo Ah-inSong Joong-ki

Votes: 1,624

Rooftop Prince

13. Rooftop Prince (2012)

13 | 65 min | Comedy, Fantasy, Romance



Crown Prince Yi gak finds that he has been transported from Chosun Dynasty to modern-day Seoul. He meets Hong Se Na, who bears a striking resemblance to his dead wife, and is determined to … See full summary »

Stars: Choi Woo-sikHan Ji-minYu Chun ParkTae-Ri Lee

Votes: 2,647

My Girl

14. My Girl (2005–2006)

60 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance



With a perpetually indebted father, Joo Yoo Rin learned to lie on the spot and get herself out of tricky situations, which gets Seol Gong Chan, a rich heir to a company, to hire her to impersonate his long lost cousin.

Stars: Lee Da-haeLee Dong-WookLee Joon-GiSi-yeon Park

Votes: 1,623

Shining Inheritance

15. Shining Inheritance (2009)

70 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance



After losing her father Go Eun-sung’s stepmother kicks her and her autistic brother out of the house. Shortly after her brother is kidnapped. Eun-sung now has to look for her brother while also trying to find a job in order to survive.

Stars: Han Hyo-jooLee Seung-giMoon Chae-WonSoo-bin Bae

Votes: 884

My Princess

16. My Princess (2011)

65 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance



Kim Tae-hee plays Lee Seol, an ordinary college student who finds out she’s a princess and the great grand daughter of the Korea’s last Emperor. But life can be complicated for a princess in this funny, quirky melodrama.

Stars: Song Seung-heonKim Tae-heePark YejinSoo-young Ryu

Votes: 855

Cunning Single Lady

17. Cunning Single Lady (2014– )

55 min | Comedy, Romance



Na Ae-ra (Lee Min-jung) and Cha Jung-woo (Joo Sang-wook) got married young. Ae-ra wanted to have steady life but Jung-woo business led them to lots of debt and hard work so she broke off … See full summary »

Stars: Lee Min-JungSang-uk JooGyu-ri KimSeo Kang-Joon

Votes: 936

All About My Romance

18. All About My Romance (2013– )

Comedy, Romance



A conservative government party member falls for the fiesty young leader of an upstart liberal party in this Korean romantic comedy.

Stars: Shin Ha-kyunLee Min-JungHee-soon ParkChae-Ah Han

Votes: 86

Protect the Boss

19. Protect the Boss (2011)

TV-Y | 65 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance



After a long stretch of unemployment No Eun Seol lands a job as secretary to Cha Ji Heon the youngest son of a rich family. However her secretary duties go beyond the ordinary, helping her boss cope and function in normal society.

Stars: Seong JiKim Young-okAhn Nae-sangKang-hee Choi

Votes: 674

The King 2 Hearts

20. The King 2 Hearts (2012)

65 min | Action, Drama, Romance



The crown-prince of South Korea is forced to work alongside a female North Korean military officer. Political and emotional complications lead to an uneasy marriage engagement.

Stars: Lee Seung-giHa Ji-WonJo Jung-SukJason-Patrick Taylor

Votes: 1,365

Goddess of Fire

21. Goddess of Fire (2013)

Drama, History, Romance



A historical drama about Yoo Jung, also known as Jung Yi: the first female potter in the Joseon Dynasty, and regarded as the dojo of Shintaro porcelain. ‘Yoo Jung’ is based on the real … See full summary »

Stars: Moon Geun-youngLee Sang-yoonKim BumKeon-hyeong Park

Votes: 111

My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho

22. My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho (2010)

13 | 60 min | Comedy, Fantasy, Romance



Chae Dae Wong, an aspiring actor, unwillingly releases a Gumiho, a legendary nine-tailed fox, from her centuries-old prison. He runs away terrified and ends up injuring himself badly, but she saves his life and asks to stay by his side.

Stars: Shin Min-aLee Seung-giMin-woo NoPark Soo-Jin

Votes: 3,163

Lie to Me

23. Lie to Me (2011)

Comedy, Drama, Romance



Jealous when her friend steals and marries her first love, a woman lies that she too is married. The lie ensnares a hotel president who goes along with the lie for his own reasons. Will the lie become reality?

Stars: Seung-su RyuYun Eun-hyeSung JunYun-hie Jo

Votes: 1,372

Fated to Love You

24. Fated to Love You (2014)

TV-14 | 60 min | Comedy, Romance



A touching Korean drama filled with comedy about a girl who finds happiness, friendship and love in the most unexpected way!

Stars: Jang HyukJang Na-raChoi Jin-HyukChoi Woo-sik

Votes: 2,523


25. Shinui (2012)

60 min | Drama, Fantasy, History



When the queen-to-be of medieval Korea is badly wounded, Captain Choi Young uses a wormhole to “heaven,” which is actually 21st-century South Korea, to bring back the spoiled Dr. Yoo Eun-Soo who becomes a pawn in a game of human chess.

Stars: Lee Min-HoKim Hee-seonYoon Kyun-SangPark Se-young

Votes: 2,645

The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince

26. The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince (2007)

13 | 55 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance



A tomboy, mistaken for a lad, maintains the deception for the sake of employment. The situation becomes complicated when her male boss begins to develop feelings for this “boy.”

Stars: Gong YooYun Eun-hyeLee Sun-kyunJeong-an Chae

Votes: 5,545

Dong Yi

27. Dong Yi (2010)

TV-Y | 60 min | Adventure, Drama, History



Story a simple maid that rises high in the royal harem as a consort and, ultimately, mother of the Korean king.

Stars: Han Hyo-jooSo-yeon LeeJulia LimKim Yoo-jeong

Votes: 1,689

Love in the Moonlight

28. Love in the Moonlight (2016)

13 | 60 min | Comedy, Drama, History



The unlikely love story between a crown prince and his eunuch.

Stars: Park Bo-gumKim Yoo-jeongKwak Dong-yeonChae Soo-bin

Votes: 3,154

She Was Pretty

29. She Was Pretty (2015)

16 | 60 min | Comedy, Romance



When Ji Sung-Joon was young, he was ugly. As he grew up, he began to have an attractive appearance. When Kim Hye-Jin was young, she was pretty. As she grew up, she became ugly. Ji Sung-Joon tries to find his first love.

Stars: Hwang Jeong-eumPark Seo-joonJun-hee KoSi Won Choi

Votes: 5,039

Secret Love

30. Secret Love (2013)

Drama, Romance



A devoted woman makes the ultimate sacrifice for her boyfriend, only to learn that love doesn’t always conquer all. Yoo Jeong (Hwang Jeong Eum) is a sweet, upbeat person who has always … See full summary »

Stars: Hwang Jeong-eumSeong JiSoo-bin BaeLee Da-hee

Votes: 1,277

The Girl Who Sees Smells

31. The Girl Who Sees Smells (2015)

13 | 60 min | Comedy, Drama, Fantasy



Detective Tae Ho lost his younger sister to a barcode-murder case and lost his ability to taste, smell, and feel pain. He then meets Oh Cho Rim, the only witness to the murder case who possesses a special sense: she can see smells.

Stars: Yu Chun ParkShin Se-KyungJin-Seo YoonMin Namkoong

Votes: 1,197

The Innocent Man

32. The Innocent Man (2012)

13 | 60 min | Drama



Kang Ma-Ru is a promising medical student, until he takes the blame for a crime he didn’t commit. When he finds an opportunity for revenge, he takes it, using Seo Eun-Gi. Ma-Ru soon … See full summary »

Stars: Song Joong-kiMoon Chae-WonSi-yeon ParkKwang-Soo Lee

Votes: 1,961

Descendants of the Sun

33. Descendants of the Sun (2016)

TV-14 | 60 min | Action, Comedy, Drama



This drama tells of the love story that develops between a surgeon and a special forces officer.

Stars: Song Joong-kiSong Hye-KyoJin GooKim Ji-Won

Votes: 16,062

Hyde, Jekyll, Me

34. Hyde, Jekyll, Me (2015)

13 | Comedy, Drama, Romance



Koo Seo-Jin (Hyun-Bin) has two different personalities. One of his personalities is cold like Hyde and the other is sweet like Jekyll.

Stars: Hyun BinHan Ji-minHyeri LeeSeung-Joon Lee

Votes: 1,211

Oh My Venus

35. Oh My Venus (2015–2016)

16 | 60 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance



A lawyer in her thirties coming out of a long relationship decides to regain her figure and health after meeting a renowned personal trainer who obsesses with leading a healthy lifestyle after suffering a serious injury in his childhood.

Stars: So Ji-seobShin Min-aSung HoonHenry Lau

Votes: 5,066

Secret Garden

36. Secret Garden (2010–2011)

13 | 60 min | Comedy, Drama, Fantasy



A rich young CEO falls for a poor stuntwoman despite class differences, cultural traditions and the man’s firmly objecting mother.

Stars: Ha Ji-WonHyun BinYoon Sang-HyunSa-rang Kim

Votes: 6,797


37. Mask (2015)

Drama, Romance



Ji-sook facing a hard time because of her father’s debts and begin chased by moneylenders. When a series of things happen Ji-sook have to live with Eun Ha’s identity (a Woman from elite family) because she look exactly like a Eun Ha.

Stars: Soo AeJu Ji-HoonJeong-hun YeonYoo In-young

Votes: 413

The Prime Minister and I

38. The Prime Minister and I (2013– )

Not Rated | Drama, Romance



At 42-years-old, Kwon Yool (Lee Beom Soo) is South Korea’s youngest prime minister ever. On top of his reputation of being an honest man of the utmost integrity, he’s also a widower who … See full summary »

Stars: Im Yoon-ahBeom-su LeeYoon Shi-YoonJeong-an Chae

Votes: 378

Full House

39. Full House (2004)

TV-14 | 60 min | Comedy, Romance



In a bid to reacquire her childhood home, a free-spirited woman agrees to a sham-marriage with a selfish actor. Their daily lives are complicated by overlapping love triangles and comic misadventures.

Stars: Song Hye-KyoRainEun-jeong HanSeong-su Kim

Votes: 3,448

Sassy Girl, Chun-hyang

40. Sassy Girl, Chun-hyang (2005– )

60 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance



Chun-hyang is smart and sassy and becomes involved with good looking Mong-ryong. His first love Chae-rin enters the picture. An older man, Hak-do, pursues her. Will they find their way back to each other?

Stars: Ahn Suk-hwanChae-Young HanHee JaeTae-woong Eom

Votes: 479

Mary Stayed Out All Night

41. Mary Stayed Out All Night (2010)

65 min | Comedy, Drama, Music



Wi Mae Ri is the cheerful, pragmatic daughter of a failed businessman who had grown used to being constantly on the move to evade loan-sharks. She becomes fast friends with free-spirited … See full summary »

Stars: Moon Geun-youngKeun-Suk JangKim Jae-WookHyo-jin Kim

Votes: 782

City Hunter

42. City Hunter (2011)

TV-Y | 60 min | Action, Romance, Thriller



Lee Yun-seong was trained by his father’s best friend in order to get revenge on the government for killing everyone in his father’s unit.

Stars: Lee Min-HoPark Min-YoungSang-Jung KimHo-jin Chun

Votes: 5,968

You've Fallen for Me

43. You’ve Fallen for Me (2011)

65 min | Drama, Music, Romance



A series of misunderstandings causes Lee Shin, the cocky leader of “The Stupid” and Lee Gyu-won, a student majoring in Traditional Korean Music to start on the wrong foot. Until she sees him performing live, and is immediately captivated.

Stars: Yong-hwa JungPark Shin-HyeChang-ui SongYi-hyeon So

Votes: 1,902

Angry Mom

44. Angry Mom (2015)

70 min | Comedy, Drama



This drama is about Jo Gang-ja, a mother who was known as a tough girl in high school. Her daughter Ah-ran is bullied at school and when Gang-ja finds out, she makes it her responsibility … See full summary »

Stars: Kim Hee-seonKim Yoo-jeongHyun-Woo JiJi Soo

Votes: 536

Can You Hear My Heart?

45. Can You Hear My Heart? (2011)

65 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance



Can You Hear My Heart features Hallyu stars Kim Jae Won, Hwang Jung Eum and Nam Goong Min in this romantic drama that shows us love in defiance of physical limitations. Dong Joo (played by … See full summary »

Stars: Jae-won KimHwang Jeong-eumMin NamkoongYoun Yuh-jung

Votes: 196

Jang Ok-jung, Living by Love

46. Jang Ok-jung, Living by Love (2013)

Drama, History, Romance



Life Of Jang Ok-Jung, Later Known As Jang Hee-bin, one of the most famous Concubines of The Joseon Dynasty who was known for her hunger for power.

Stars: Kim Tae-heeYoo Ah-inGeon-ju LeeSoo-Hyun Hong

Votes: 248

Marriage Contract

47. Marriage Contract (2016)

13 | 75 min | Drama



Ji-Hoon (Lee Seo-Jin) has a cynical personality due to his family background. Even though he comes from a rich family, his mother had an affair with a married man and they had Ji-Hoon. From… See full summary »

Stars: Seo-jin LeeKim You-JinYoo-Ri KimKim Kwang-gyu

Votes: 772

Wonderful Life

48. Wonderful Life (2005– )

Comedy, Romance



The story of Xu Tian who suffers big blows both in his love and work life. When he decides to leave America, where he has been living for 10 years, and returns to his home country, luck is not on his side.

Stars: Frank PowersJun-yong ChoiEun-jeong HanHyeon Ju

Votes: 115

Dream High

49. Dream High (2011–2012)

13 | 70 min | Comedy, Music, Romance



Six dedicated students at Kirin Art High School work to achieve their dreams of becoming stars in the Korean music industry.

Stars: J.Y. ParkKim Soo-hyunJi-eun LeeBae Suzy

Votes: 3,015

Personal Taste

50. Personal Taste (2010)

60 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance



The surprise hit of 2010, Personal Taste (aka Personal Preference) garnered high ratings and a huge fanbase in a comedy that proves true love is found in the most unlikely places. Quirky … See full summary »

Stars: Son Ye-jinLee Min-HoNam-gil KimJi-seok Kim

Votes: 4,360

Bride of the Century

51. Bride of the Century (2014)

67 min | Drama, Fantasy, Romance



The Taeyang Corporation is the largest conglomerate in South Korea. The family that runs Taeyang has been under a curse for hundred years that the first bride of the eldest son will always … See full summary »

Stars: Jin-Sung YangHong-ki LeeJung-Hee NamPark Solomon

Votes: 526

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