Are web3 developers in demand?

web3 developers are in demand
web3 developers are in demandweb3 developers are in demand

Short answer: yes, web3 developers are in demand

Who are Web3 Developers Hey, I know what you’re thinking. Web3 Developers? Who are they, and why should we care? Well, I’m glad you asked! Web3 developers are an exciting new class of developers popping up everywhere. Basically, they’re web developers with more skill in blockchain applications. They’re a breath of fresh air for the tired everyday coder who’s been around for years and is tired of the system.

However, we can’t fully digest who web3 developers are without first understanding Web3.

Web3 is a new trend that bridges the gap between the blockchain and your browser, where identity is no longer linked to any one platform.

It employs a technology stack based on a decentralized blockchain to allow new business and social concepts. Similarly, Web3 provides new web protocols and infrastructure enabling the creation of decentralized applications that enable users to contribute their data.

So, can we build these decentralized applications without web3 developers? Can we decentralize the internet without web3 developers? I’m sure you already know the answer to these questions.

This is where web3 developers come in. They are responsible for coding all these dApps, making them available, and solving any issues users may encounter.

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Generally, Web3 developers may expect to earn anything from $70,000 to well over $30,000 per year. So, what exactly makes Web3 developers so valuable?

Reasons for the High Average Salary of Web3 Developers
When you take into account the fact that it’s an entirely new industry with new language standards, programming techniques, and more, it’s clear to see why many have predicted that smart contracts will displace nearly 25% of all apps. As dApps become increasingly popular and more startups become involved in the space, there will be an increased demand for Web3 developers who know how to code these applications.

I’m sure you’re starting to get the idea of why these guys are paid so well, but to highlight further my point, the skills required to be a web3 developer are rare because the concept is relatively new. Most people haven’t even heard of blockchain, let alone their knowledge of decentralized autonomous organizations or smart contracts. 

So, because it is challenging to locate an experienced web3 developer, and smart contract creation is full of difficulties requiring specialized knowledge and expertise, web3 developer wages are expensive.

Web3 developers worldwide are estimated to be around half a million, and according to a report from Electric Capital, there are 18,000+ active developers per month. So, why should you join this pool of experts? Even with this mind-blowing figure of 500,000 web3 developers, this niche is not close to being saturated. 

From earning potential to technological development, if you have the urge to develop on top of blockchain technology, it may be time to consider making the leap.
The ability to see into the financial and technological future gives you an edge in your career and society. Furthermore, the Web3 sector is still in its early stages. As a result, making the first step as a web3 developer at this early stage might set you up for a life-altering professional path.

If you are getting started as a web3 developer, Here is a complete web3 developer roadmap for 2022

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 you should learn to write smart contracts.

Factors affecting the average salary of a Web3 developer 
Web3 developers are some of the most in-demand professionals in the tech industry. This is due, in part, to the fact that they are responsible for building the decentralized applications that will form the backbone of Web3. However, many other factors affect how much a Web3 developer can expect to earn.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most important aspects for you to consider while planning your future. 

Role and Expertise
Developing decentralized applications, smart contracts, and other protocols is only possible with the collaboration of a diverse group of skilled web3 developers. Similar to how salaries for various firm positions vary, so does the salary for different web3 developers:

In general, Web3 developers may be divided into the following groups:

• Core Blockchain developers 
Average salary: $170,000

• Front-end web3 developers
Average salary: $74,000

• Blockchain developers or Smart contract developers
Average salary: $85,000

• Full-stack web3 developers
Average salary: $100,000

Above Salary Data Source: Web3 Career

Job Location
Another factor is the city in which the developer lives and works. In general, developers in large metropolitan areas make more money than developers in smaller cities. However, the cost of living is also higher in large cities, so developers need to be compensated accordingly.

A new employment location that is more sophisticated will provide you with a more fantastic opportunity to show off your qualifications. Looking at the wage trends of other countries, for example, according to Talent

, a web3 developer in the US makes an average salary of $155,000 annually, whereas, in Europe, it is approximately $87.5k. Indicating that Web3 developer salaries vary greatly depending on the region.

Web3 Developer Salary: USA

Average salary: $150,000
There are several high-paying tech jobs in the USA related to Web3. Many of these jobs may be done from home, despite the high cost of living in the USA driving up pay.

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Web3 Developer Salary: Europe

Average salary: $145, 000
Europe has some of the highest pay rates for web developers, with salaries ranging from $120,000 to over $200,000. Of course, the cost of living in Europe is likewise expensive, but you may also do these jobs remotely.

Check out more web3 employment opportunities in Europe

 to increase your chances of being hired.

Web3 Developer Salary: Asia

Average salary: $120,000
It’s not quite lucrative to work in Asia compared to Europe and the United States. There is a wide range in the base wage for a blockchain developer in Asia, between $80,000 and $200,000. The average base income is $120,000 per year.

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Web3 Developer Salary: India

Average salary: $50,000
In India, a Web3 developer’s income ranges from $30,000 to $70,000 for those with six or more years of experience. This is primarily because of the country’s reduced cost of living.

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 to improve your employment possibilities.

Web3 Developer Salary: Canada

Average salary: $60,000
The average annual compensation for Web3 engineers is $60,000. This is partly due to reduced work opportunities in the area.

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Web3 Developer Salary: Singapore

Average salary: $135,000
Aside from the United States, Singapore is another nation that pays web3 developers well. In Singapore, a blockchain developer earns between $89,000 and $200,000.

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Projects and Experience
Employers are often ready to pay extra for a proven expert in a particular field. Therefore, possessing practical knowledge in Web3 and having worked on several projects in the past will increase your earning potential. Generally, your experience opens doors to higher-level employment and, thus, more compensation.

Learning how to code is a lot like learning how to play the piano: everyone knows how to type, but not everyone is a concert pianist. As with anything, it takes practice and dedication to become a professional developer. So if you want to be considered for top positions with favorable pay, start by familiarizing yourself with popular tools and frameworks on Buildspace

and Pointer

. Then, try something more challenging: hackathons, such as those hosted by Cryptozombies

. They are a great way to dive into the realm of web3 development and learn from experienced professionals.

Without a doubt, skill sets matter! Knowing more than just one language and adopting new technologies early on will prepare you to take advantage of new opportunities in the long run.

Average Salary Ranges for Web3 developers based on roles

Core Blockchain Developers
The average wage for a core blockchain developer is the highest in the blockchain industry, with salaries ranging from $90,000 in Europe to more than $250,000 in the United States. They earn an average salary of $170,000 per year. So why are they the highest earners?

For a blockchain network to be secure and scalable, its architecture and security must be designed to fit the desired purpose. These tasks require a thorough understanding of programming, connectivity, and interoperability protocols.

Core blockchain developers build blockchains like Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon with a solid background in backend and computer science. They also utilize C, C++, and Rust as their primary tools.

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Smart Contracts Developer
According to Cryptojoblist, the average income for a smart contracts developer in Europe ranges from $18,000 up to $150,000. Blockchain software developers utilize Solidity Rust and JavaScript programming languages to create, test, and deploy smart contracts on the blockchain.

They are also responsible for maintaining the general system security and the minimal gas expenses required to operate smart contract logic. Globally, they take home an average salary of $85,000 annually.

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Full-stack Web3 Developer Salary
In general, the pay for Full-stack Web3 developers is lower than that of core blockchain developers because they don’t have to deal with the full complexity of creating, maintaining, and protecting a blockchain, but higher than that of Web3 front-end developers because they know how to integrate smart contracts into the blockchain.

Full-stack Web3 Developers can construct smart contracts and the front-end of Decentralized Applications while ensuring that the user experience and interface are operating correctly. They’ll be able to build a dApp from the backend to the front-end, precisely as they could in web2.

Full-stack Web3 Developers may expect to earn anywhere from $80,000 in Europe to as much as $200,000 in the United States. Generally, Full-stack Web3 Developers earn around $100,000 annually.

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Front-end Developers 
According to web3Career, the typical income for a Front-end Web3 Developer ranges from $78,000 in Europe to $180,000 in the United States. Globally, the average income for these developers is around $74,000 per year.

Front-end web3 developers are essentially similar to web2 front-end developers, with the exception that they will employ RPC libraries such as Web3.js and Ethers.js to construct the front-end of their DApps rather than HTTP ones. They may also be knowledgeable in user interface and user experience design (UX/UI).Apply here

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10 Best Job Boards to Find a Job in Web3

We have compiled the list of the 10 best job boards to help you find a job in web3.

Are you looking for a perfect Web3 job board? If the answer is yes, we have something special for you. Here, we have compiled the list of the best job boards in the Web3 industry. These job boards can be more than helpful when it comes to finding the job of your choice.
So, without any delay, let’s see what we got here!

1. Remote3

Remote working is a viable option for Web3 hiring. Platforms like Remote3 are bridging the gap between web3 companies

and Web3 developers


Remote3 is helping professionals from around the globe to find the best possible remote job. Jobs posted here offer good salaries. 

In addition, Remote3 also guides the newbies through tutorials, guides, and blogs. You can also create a Web3 portfolio, which is a solid way to introduce yourself to potential employers. Furthermore, you can also add your experience and existing projects. 

Apart from this, the filtering system makes it easy for you to search for the most relevant remote Web3 job in tech and non-tech.

A wide range of companies has shown their trust in Remote3 including Protocol Labs, Status, Donut, DoingGud, Penguin Finance, and Syndica.

2. Web3 Internships

As the name suggests, this job board focuses on internships related to Web3. Here, you can find the most lucrative web3 internships. 
This platform serves as a bridge between top blockchain companies looking for new talent. Besides, this job board doesn’t charge any kind of fees for posting internships (as of 29 Apr, 2022).

There is a wide range of internships available. These internships are categorized into different types. Here are a few of the most sought after internships:

  • Crypto Internships
  • Solidity Internships
  • Blockchain Internships
  • NFT Internships
  • DeFi Internships

3. Web3 Career

This particular Web3 job board is a perfect option if you are looking for the most relevant and highly paid Web3 job. Most of the top-tier companies in the Blockchain, Crypto, and Web3 industry post their jobs on Web3 Career. 

Web3 Career offers jobs suitable for both developers and non-tech job seekers. Furthermore, this board also offers internship opportunities for those who are interested in gaining some experience in their relevant field. 

4. Crypto Jobs List

This Web3 job board is a well-structured platform. It displays the job descriptions in a detailed way. This makes it easy to learn more about the available jobs and choose the most appropriate one. 

The job pool consists of more than 5500 jobs associated with the crypto, Web3, and blockchain industry. By following a few simple steps, you can connect with industry-leading companies and get hired.

Crypto Jobs List is designed in a way that renders it easy for the user to go through various categories and sections. As a result, finding the most accurate job won’t be an issue when using this job board. 

In addition, this platform also displays information regarding how many people have already applied for a particular job. If looking for Web3 remote jobs, this job board can assist you in finding the most appropriate one. 

5. UseWeb3 Jobs

Although it may not appear to be a dedicated Web3 job board, it gives you a chance to dive into some of the most prominent job pools in the crypto industry. 
The job posts are arranged in a systematic manner. Hence, you can easily browse through the listings and find a job in any of the leading companies. The job posts are updated regularly.

UseWeb3 allows you to find a suitable job in the desired category. So, you can easily find the required job post. You can access different job posts in Web3, Solidity, or blockchain categories. 

6. CryptoJobs

CryptoJobs is an impressive Web3 job board. It focuses mainly on helping Web3 developers to find their desired job in the blockchain and crypto industry.
This is a simple job board with all the necessary elements. Hence, it makes it possible for the users to find what they are looking for. The listings are managed in a perfect way, which allows you to browse quickly.

So, connecting with web3 startups and companies won’t be that difficult. The streamlined application process allows you to apply for a job without any fuss. This job board is updated regularly to show you the latest available jobs.

7. Cryptocurrency Jobs

As a popular Web3 job board, Cryptocurrency Jobs allows you to find the right job in the blockchain industry. This platform has a pool of 1000 crypto startup profiles. Hence, you can easily find your dream job without any hassle.

If you want to give a nice start to your Web3 career, you can count on this Web3 job board. It is mainly focused on blockchain and crypto-related jobs. 

Cryptocurrency Jobs serves as a bridge between talented Web3 developers and crypto companies. This platform is helping professionals and organizations to build a decentralized future.

8. Remote Ok

Being a Web3 job board, Remote OK gives you an opportunity to choose among the best remote jobs in the crypto industry. The community behind this venture is quite active.

This job board turns out to be a great option for Web3 developers and non-tech candidates. Since its inception, the team has helped a lot of Web3 developers find perfect jobs in their respective niches.

9. Crypto Jobs Daily

This Web3 job board is update daily. Hence, it’s quite easy for you to choose a job that matches your profile. Here, you can find a wide range of jobs depending on your skills and experience. 

Crypto Jobs Daily allows you to contact the major companies and startups in the industry. Besides, the clean and simple design of this board makes it possible to search for the right job without much of a hassle.

10. Crypto Recruit

This isn’t just a Web3 job board but a trusted recruitment company in the crypto industry. The focus of this board is on crypto-related jobs. Hence, you can choose between a variety of available jobs. 

Apart from Web3 development jobs, you can also find a lot of other non-tech jobs. The simple interface allows the users to browse through the latest available posts without any issue.

Final Thoughts 
To conclude, Web3 is an emerging industry. It offers outstanding opportunities for Web3 developers and those professionals associated with the crypto world. The best part is the flexibility of Web3 jobs.

Meaning thereby, you can work as either a freelancer

or a full-time employee. You can make such a choice when joining a blockchain-based startup or company. 
Every Web3 job board mentioned above is capable of leading you to a job that you deserve. These platforms help you to connect to the right companies in this field.

Hence, it won’t be that difficult to find the best Web3 job in terms of salary and other key benefits. 

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