How to Alleviate Pain due to Menstrual Cramps?


An irregular period is a common problem faced by women today. The medical name for them is Oligomenorrhea. The typical menstrual cycle lasts from 21 to 35 days. Usually, the irregular periods occur due to uterine abnormalities, liver disease ovarian syndrome, hormonal imbalance, lifestyle, and weight loss. The other factors that can have an effect on your periods are high level of stress, miscarriage, more weight gain or loss and consuming high amount of alcohol. Over the years, people have come forward with many remedies for the irregular menstrual cycle and the pain arising due to it. Let us take a look at few of these remedies that are highly significant.



This may sound a bit unorthodox but any kind of physical activity such as brisk walking can help ease your belly pain. Your body pumps more blood when you do any kind of aerobic exercise. This helps in releasing endorphins to prevent prostaglandins and decrease pain due to cramps. So, physical training and exercising four to five times a week can be a good remedy for pain due to menstrual cramps.

carrot juice
carrot juice

Carrot Juice

Carrot juice contains lot of iron content. Drink carrot juice without fail for 3 months and you can see good result for sure. You can mix carrot juice with other vegetable juice as well.

Turmeric Powder

Turmeric is a great source of relief while fighting with menstrual problems. It stimulates the menstrual flow and balances the hormones. Moreover, it relieves the menstrual pain. Mix a spoon of turmeric powder in a glass of milk and drink this daily.

Applying Heat

The main cause of menstrual pain is the contraction of muscles in your uterus. Application of heat is one of the major remedies as it helps to relax these contracting muscles. For this, there are many heating pads and patches like bengay, thermacare, or electric, reusable ones. When you don’t have a heating pad, you can take hot water in a plastic bottle and apply it to your abdomen.


For irregular periods, mint is one of the natural remedies. It relieves the pain caused due to menstrual cramps. Mix one teaspoon of honey with one teaspoon of dried mint powder. Take it 3 times a day and continue for few weeks.

Unripe Papaya

For the abnormal menstrual cycle, unripe papaya is one of the easy and effective remedies. It helps in the proper contraction of muscle fiber in the uterus. For any delayed period that is associated with menopause or stress, unripe papaya is extremely beneficial. Consume this for two months but avoid consuming it when you have your period. It is best to take this before the menstrual cycle.

Grape Juice

One of the great remedies for irregular menstrual cycle is consuming grapes or drinking grape juice once or twice a day. This will get rid of the menstrual pain to a greater extent.

Having an Orgasm

Yes, you heard it right – orgasms have a major role to play in the removal of pain arising due to menstrual cramps. The uterus is more relaxed before an orgasm and the blood flow increases during the climax moment thus relieving menstrual pain. Orgasms release endorphins which make you feel better and relieve the pain. They also help in relaxing your body and actuate sleep so that you won’t feel cramping.

Bitter Gourd

Most of the people doesn’t like having bitter gourd but this is extremely good for health. It consists of antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties that help deal with abnormal periods. Chop the bitter gourd into pieces and churn it in a mixer till it becomes juice. Add a teaspoon of sugar and drink it.


If your menstrual flow is light and the periods are late, you require ginger in your life. It helps in relieving the pain caused due to menstrual cramps. You can eat it raw and drink its juice. Both of these help greatly with abnormal periods.


Asafoetida is a famous ingredient that has a lot of medicinal value. It is helpful in getting rid of hormonal disorders as it contains chemical compounds that can treat these disorders. Fry little amount of powdered asafetida in clarified butter and add it to goat milk and some honey. 200 to 500 mg of asafoetida is recommended for a single day.



Yoga happened to be the best gift India have gifted to the world. In the long run of practicing Yoga, you can expect miracles in the way you improve your health. Yoga is one of the method to solve any kind of illness. Irregular menses can also be cured if you make Yoga as daily life routine.

Final Thoughts

The above-listed remedies will certainly help you in relieving the issues faced due to irregular periods. You must consult a doctor for severe cases of pain or when bleeding gets heavier as he can diagnose the cause and provide the best possible treatment.


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