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  • Drama: Big Mouth
  • Revised romanization: Big Mouse
  • Hangul: 빅마우스
  • Director: Oh Choong-Hwan
  • Writer: Ha Ram
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: July 29 – September 17, 2022
  • Runtime: Friday & Saturday 22:00
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki Staff ©

Park Chang-Ho (Lee Jong-Suk) works as a lawyer with a measly 10% winning rate. He is a talkative person and, because of this people call him Big Mouth. He happens to get involved in a murder case and he is somehow fingered as genius swindler Big Mouse. Due to this, Park Chang-Ho finds himself in a life-threatening situation. Meanwhile, Go Mi-Ho (Lim Yoon-A) is Park Chang-Ho’s wife and she works as a nurse. She has a beautiful appearance and a personality that is both wise and brave. She helped her husband become a lawyer by supporting him financially and psychologically. Go Mi-Ho learns that Park Chang-Ho is suspected to be the genius swindler Big Mouse and attempts to clear her husband’s name.


  1. “Big Mouth” takes over MBC‘s Fri & Sat 22:00 time slot previously occupied by “Doctor Lawyer” and followed by “The Golden Spoon” on September 23, 2022.


Lee Jong-SukLim Yoon-AKim Joo-Hun
Park Chang-HoGo Mi-HoChoi Do-Ha

NR Forum

Yang Kyung-WonKim Jung-HyunLee Yoo-JoonOh RyoongYoon Seok-Hyun
Kong Ji-HoonJung Chae-BongHan Jae-HoLee Du-GeunCha Seung-Tae
Park HoonHong Ji-HeeKim Kyu-SeonJang Hyuk-JinJeon Kuk-Hwan
Seo Jae-YongJang Hye-JinAshley KimChoi Joong-RakChairman Kang Sung-Geun
Lee Seo-An
Cha Seung-Tae’s wife

Gucheon University Hospital

Ok Ja-YeonKim Sun-HwaPark Se-HyunJung YeonMa Jung-Pil
Hyun Joo-HeePark Mi-YoungJang Hee-JooKim Kyung-Sookdoctor
Shin Duk-HoKim Si-YoungKim Mi-RaPark Hee-EunGoo Si-Yeon
Security Guard Hamdoctor (ep.3)patient’s guardian (ep.4)Nam Ki-Sung’s wife (ep.7)Nam Ki-Sung’s relative (ep.7)
Lee Seung-Joon
Nam Ki-Sung’s relative (ep.7)

Gucheon Penitentiary: Staff

Jung Jae-SungKim Dong-WonMin Sang-WooShin Dong-EunKim Joong-Don
Warden Park Yoon-GabGuard Gan Soo-Chulprison guard (ep.2)prison doctor (ep.4)Guard Hwang Ji-Hyuk (ep.7)
Lee Jang-HoCha Si-WonJeon Jae-HongLee Hyun-Geol
Guard Bae Tae-Young (ep.10)Guard Han Yeon-Sung (ep.11-12)prison guard (ep.11-12)riot officer (ep.12)

Gucheon Penitentiary: Prisoners

Kwak Dong-YeonYang Hyung-WookSong Kyung-CheolYoo Tae-JooSong Ha-Rim
JerryNo ParkYang Chun-SikTak Kwang-Yeonprisoner 7941
Lee Ho-WonLee Jung-HoonJin Yong-WookLee Joon-GyuHong Joo-Hyung
prisoner 5710prisoner 8450prisoner 2718prisoner 8324prisoner 4302
Seon Yool-WooPark Jung-BokHeo WoongJin MoHan Sa-Myung
prisoner 2007prisoner 5362 (ep.3-4)prisoner 1002 (ep.3-4)prisoner 6678 (ep.3-4)prisoner 1708 (ep.10)
Park No-KyeongLee Kyu-SeopLee Kun-GooMi SeokChoi Yoon-Bin
prisoner (ep.11)prisoner 5161 (ep.11-12)prisoner (ep.11)prisoner 2093 (ep.11)prisoner 6205 (ep.11)
Jun Sung-WonMoon Sung-Bok
prisoner 3857 (ep.11)prisoner 4849 (ep.12)

Park Chang-Ho’s Group

Lee Ki-YoungOh Eui-Sik
Go Gi-GwangKim Soon-Tae

Politicians’ Group

Han Ki-JoongLee Young-Jin
Secretary General Kim Gap-Joo (ep.4,14)Choi Man-Ho (ep.4,14)

NR Forum’s Staff

Han Dong-HoLee Seung-HyeongSeo Myung-ChanYoon HwanKim Si-Kook
Secretary JoSecretary Cha Dae-HwanKong Ji-Hoon’s butler (ep.1)Lee Du-Geun’s assistant (ep.7)Jung Chae-Bong’s assistant (ep.7)
Lee Taek-Geun
Kong Ji-Hoon’s secretary (ep.9)

Big Mouse’s Group

Shin Seung-HwanJung Hyung-SukJang Eui-DonLim Yong-Soon
Peter HongTV station PDHan Suk-Ho (ep.13,16)Charles Hotel owner (ep.13)

Choi Do-Ha’s Family

Lee Chang-JikKi Eun-YooJung Jae-Jin
Cho Hae-SooCho Sung-HyunMr. Choi (ep.13-14)

Prisoners’ Family

Lee Hyoung-HoonLee Do-HyePyo Young-Seo
Tak Kwang-Yeon’s brotherTak Kwang-Yeon’s sisterJerry’s sister (ep.7)

Munmi Fish Farm

Han Dong-KyuPark Young-Bok
Mr. Ko (ep.15-16)Mr. Yeom (ep.16)

Cryptocurrency Fraud Case

Park YongKim O-BokShin Seung-YongLee Byeong-CheolKim Ki-Ryung
judge (ep.1)defendant’s attorney (ep.1)angry client (ep.1)angry client (ep.1)angry client (ep.1)
Jung Dong-GeunHwang In-Joon
Prosecutor Jeon Soo-Il (ep.15)Min Byung-Nam (ep.15-16)


Jang In-HoKim Bum-SukKim Won-SukShin Na-RaOh Ki-Hwan
detective (ep.2)detective (ep.4)detective (ep.4)police officer (ep.8)detective (ep.11)


Kim KwonLee Jae-WooPark Ji-HoKwon Ban-SukPark Hyo-Bin
reporter (ep.9)reporter (ep.9)Reporter Sung Bo-Kyung (ep.9)reporter (ep.12)reporter (ep.13)
Lim Jae-GeunLim Seung-BeomPark Sang-Hwi
reporter (ep.13)reporter (ep.13)reporter (ep.13)


Lee Sang-Kyung
Park Sang-HyunYoon Kwan-WooLee Dong-KyuYoo Su-BinKim Do-Wan
Nurse Kim Soo-Yeon (ep.1)Gucheon court employee (ep.1)radio program host (ep.1)upstairs neighbor (ep.2)upstairs neighbor (ep.2)
Hong Suk-BinMin Ku-KyungPark Kwang-JaeKim MinBae Ho-Geun
Youngsan Reservoir man (ep.5)Dr. Hong Kwang-Ho (ep.7,9)Jiseong Mental Center staff (ep.7-8)police station student (ep.8)Producer Na (ep.8-9)
Jang Joon-HoShin Yong-JinLee Yoon-SangJin Tae-YeonWoo Hyun-Seo
judge (ep.8-9)doctor (ep.10)judge (ep.12)club hostess (ep.13)club hostess (ep.13)
Baek Seung-IkOh Min-JungSung Nak-KyungPark Sang-JongKim Do-Hyung
Waterfowl (ep.13)nursing home nurse (ep.13)Park Yoon-Gab’s subordinate (ep.14)Attorney Jung (ep.15)Attorney Kim Ki-Soo (ep.15)
Shim Young-MinKim Gun-HoKim Kyung-MinYoon Bok-SungMin Eung-Sik
Dr. No Joong-Sung (ep.15)TV debate staff (ep.15-16)TV debate moderator (ep.15-16)Lee Chang-Sub (ep.16)judge (ep.16)

Additional Cast Members:


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  • Metaverse Big Mouth highlight04:13Highlight
  • Metaverse Big Mouth teaser300:40Teaser3
  • Metaverse Big Mouth teaser200:40Teaser2
  • Metaverse Big Mouth teaser00:40Teaser1

Episode Ratings

2022-07-2916.2% (7th)6.3% (7th)
2022-07-3026.1% (5th)6.4% (4th)
2022-08-0537.6% (4th)8.1% (4th)
2022-08-0648.6% (2nd)8.7% (2nd)
2022-08-1259.8% (4th)10.0% (3rd)
2022-08-13610.8% (2nd)10.8% (2nd)
2022-08-19711.2% (3rd)11.4% (3rd)
2022-08-20810.3% (2nd)10.4% (2nd)
2022-08-26911.5% (2nd)11.7% (2nd)
2022-08-271010.0% (2nd)10.2% (2nd)
2022-09-021111.4% (4th)11.4% (3rd)
2022-09-031212.0% (2nd)12.0% (2nd)
2022-09-09138.3% (4th)8.3% (4th)
2022-09-101410.6% (2nd)10.3% (2nd)
2022-09-161512.3% (3rd)12.4% (3rd)
2022-09-171613.7% (2nd)13.9% (2nd)

Source: AGB Nielson

Audience reviews

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Interesting plot ‑ at episode 10/16 still no clue who is Big Mouse for sure and what prof’s seo paper is about but it is picking up pace and getting more exciting. Lee is an AMAZING ACTOR. He does give off the creepy vibes in this show when relevant, was surprised he …

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I am hooked in this Kdrama I love all the actors and actress they did well indeed a nice and suspense scenes and very much awaited episode, the story twist is pretty amazing I cant wait for another week for the next episode LJS has its excellent performance on this series …

Profile image

I’ve watched a lot of International Survival series about survival in prison but this one feels amazing. I’m so glad that Lee Jongsuk always comes with different yet exciting roles. The entire cast suits perfectly! Love the way they’re portraying Yoona & Jongsuk being miles

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