5 Calcium-Rich Foods for your Bones

Our body needs calcium for healthy bones. Not only that, calcium is also extremely important for the correct performance of our nerves and also muscles. Here are some high calcium foods you should most definitely consist of in your diet!

1) MILK- 1 Mug

When we think about calcium, the initial source that pertains to our mind is milk. Conveniently digestible and absorbable, milk is one of the most effective high calcium foods. An impressive vehicle for building bones from childhood years to their adult years, a cup of milk includes 280 mg of calcium of the advised 1000 mg.

2) ORANGE – 1 Orange

Most of us know orange aids in increasing our body immune system. As well as this magical fruit is additionally in the listing of high calcium foods with vitamin D, which is crucial for absorption of calcium in the body. One tool size of orange includes 60 mg of calcium.

3) SARDINES – 1 Mug

Noted in the foods rich in calcium, Sardines are an excellent option. If you are a non-vegetarian, it is just exactly what you need. These little salty fishes could add an incredible umami flavor to pasta and salads.

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4) SOY MILK – 1 Cup Milk

It’s a misconception that only dairy products contain calcium. Non-dairy products like fortified soy milk could be remarkable high calcium foods and also supply both calcium and vitamin D.

5) ALMONDS – 1 Cup( baked)

With a stupendous 457 mg of calcium, almonds top the checklist of high calcium foods. High on healthy proteins as well, these nuts likewise help in decreasing the threat of heart disease. Almonds are an amazing source for enhancing your memory. Having a few of these healthy protein-rich nuts every early morning will be a certain win-win for your health.

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