10 Best Fantasy Romance K-Dramas To Have On Your Watchlist

Fantasy Romance K-Dramas
Fantasy Romance K-Dramas

For new K-Dramas fans, it is often hard to make a great watchlist from the start. If you are looking for fantasy romance Korean drama recommendations, you are at the right place!

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Fantasy is one of the most popular genres. It includes time travel, supernatural powers, supernatural beings, or fantasy settings.

If you are a K-Drama beginner, you might want to look out for the dramas that suit your taste the most among the one selected below. For K-Drama addict, you probably have watched all the dramas listed below, if not it is time to add to your watchlist.

1- “My Love From the Star”


When: 2013-2014

Cast: Kim SooHyun, Jun JiHyunPark HaeJinYoo InNa

Summary: It tells the romance of an alien that arrived on earth 400 years ago and a blunt top Hallyu actress star.

Why watch?: After that show, you will never see aliens the same way. The adventure of the silent and handsome alien (with special powers) and a loud and funny superstar who are facing a ready-to-kill bad guy is definitely a must-watch. The plot and chemistry are just perfect. It is no wonder the drama has been a hit all across the globe.

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2- “Strong Girl BongSoon”


When: 2017

Cast: Park BoYoungPark HyungSikJiSoo

Summary: Do BongSoon was born with superhuman strength. Her ideal type is her friend In GukDoo. Thanks to her skills, she got to be the bodyguard of the rich CEO Ahn MinHyuk. In her neighborhood, a series of kidnapping cases and their relationship started to change.

Why watch?: With this drama, you can be sure to laugh a lot and make your heart burst with comedy and cheesy romance. The key character of this drama is Do BongSoon acted by Park BoYoung, she is a cute and petite girl who has superhuman strength and a straightforward personality. She is so strong that she can make humans fly high in the sky and she is also the one who protects Ahn MinHyuk acted by Park HyungSik.

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3- “Extraordinary You


When: 2019

Cast: Kim HyeYoonSF9‘s RoWoonLee JaeWookAPRILNaEunKim YoungDaeJung GunJooLee TaeRi

Summary: It tells the story of a girl who realizes that she is a supporting character inside a romance manga named “Secret”. She tries to change the fixed story for her love and life.

Why watch?: The plot of this drama is interesting and the storyline is full of fantasy and mysterious elements that keep the viewers stick to their screen until the end. The love story is also one of the best with great acting and good chemistry. The surrounding characters also bring entertainment. If you are looking for a cute love story with fantasy, it is a must-watch.

4- “I Can Hear Your Voice”


When: 2013

Cast: Lee BoYoungLee JongSukYoon SangHyunLee DaHee

Summary: It tells the story of a snobbish lawyer and a mysterious boy who reads people’s minds, and the story that happened to them after they met a police officer.

Why watch?: In this drama, Lee JongSuk’s character gained the special ability to reads people’s minds after witnessing his father getting murdered at a young age. The well-written story of this drama touches on justice and his father’s murder. The flawless acting, touching love story, and suspense make the drama memorable.

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5- “Angel’s Last Mission: Love


When: 2019

Cast: INFINITE‘s (Kim MyungSoo), Shin HyeSun, Lee DongGun

Summary: It tells the unpredictable fantasy romance of a strong ballerina that has no interest in love and a trouble maker angel who claims to be Cupid.

Why watch?: It is the forbidden love story of an angel and a human. The story is emotional and heart-wrenching. The lead female character is also quite unique with her arrogance and cold personality at the difference of the angel who is kind and positive. If you are interested in ballet and fated romance, you might watch to watch it.

6- “The King: Eternal Monarch


When: 2020

Cast: Lee MinHoKim GoEunWoo DoHwanKim KyungNam, Jung EunChaeLee JungJin

Summary: It is the fantasy romance drama in which Lee Gon, the Emperor of Corea, and Jung TaeEul a detective from the Republic of Korea try to protect’s lives and love through cooperation between the two parallel worlds.

Why watch?: It is one of the hit dramas of 2020 and it is no wonder why. With an exciting and intense plot, beautiful cinematography, interesting characters, and heart-fluttering romantic moments, the drama garners a lot of love. The drama is full of fantasy elements with two parallel worlds, time travel, and other fantastical elements.

7- “While You Were Sleeping”


When: 2017

Cast: SuzyLee JongSukJung HaeIn

Summary: It is three young adults with the ability to see the future through their dreams: a field reporter, a rookie prosecutor, and a police officer. The field reporter sees upcoming accidents and the prosecutor does everything he can to stop them.

Why watch?: With suspense, fantasy, and romance, this drama has gained a lot of fans. The three lead characters have the ability to see the future when they dream and they try their best to stop bad events to happen in a thrilling storyline. The drama is addictive from the beginning to the end with cliffhangers and mystery.

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8- “W”


When: 2016

Cast:  Lee JongSukHan HyoJoo

Summary: A doctor from the real world got sucked into the hit webtoon “W” and encounters the main character, leading to various events.

Why watch?: The drama “W” is catchy and has an original plot making this drama a must-watch. The fantastical elements of the drama are centered around the webtoon where the lead female is sucked into and where the lead male character lives in. There are traveling in and out of this webtoon and encounters deadly events. The whole story was addictive.

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9- “Hotel del Luna


When: 2019

Cast: IUYeo JinGoo

Summary: It tells the story of an elite hotelier that gets to run the Hotel del Luna by a fateful event. Because of this, he got to run the hotel with the beautiful and aloof but ill-tempered boss. Hotel Del Luna is a hotel in downtown Seoul. It is looking old and shady from the outside but it is a fancy place for wandering ghosts. They are the only one to see the place as amazing.

Why watch?: The universe of “Hotel del Luna” and the lead female character are the main reasons for watching. They are intriguing and original. The fantastical elements of this drama are centered on ghosts, the afterlife, and paying for your previous life’s mistakes. The whole drama has perfect cinematography and good special effects. If you are looking for a drama with ghosts (not scary), it is definitely for you.

10- “Goblin” / “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God”


When: 2016-2017

Cast: Gong YooKim GoEunLee DongWook, Yoo InNaBTOB‘s Yook SungJae

Summary: A goblin who needs a human bride to end his immortal life and a grim reaper who can’t remember his past start a strange cohabitation. It tells their mysterious romantic tales the happens when the girl who thinks she is “the bride of the goblin” appears.

Why watch?: The two couples Gong Yoo/Kim GoEun and Lee DongWook/Yoo InNa move the heart of the viewers with their intense and fateful romance. The bromance of the drama is also one key element of “Goblin”. The drama is full of fantasy with Gong Yoo being a goblin, Lee DongWook a grim reaper, the ghosts, reincarnation stories, and much more grabbing viewers’ curiosity.

What is the best fantasy romance K-Drama according to you?

My Love From the Star

Strong Girl BongSoon

Extraordinary You

I Can Hear Your Voice

Angel’s Last Mission: Love

The King: Eternal Monarch

While You Were Sleeping


Hotel del Luna


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